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August 24 - 28, 2022
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Author Topic: EF 21 Travel Info (May)  (Read 4207 times)


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EF 21 Travel Info (May)
« on: 17.05.2015, 00:13:57 »

Hi everybody!

Here's today's update for you travelly types out there. A few errata here and there, but no dealbreakers this year... hopefully.

Travel documents

Remember that you were told in January that visitors from outside Schengen countries need both a valid government ID and may need a travel visa? If you didn't act back then - well, get your ass in gear NOW. I mean it.

You will find further information on the web site of the German Foreign Office and can find out there whether you need a visa for the Schengen area.

Waiting time for German embassies and consulates may be significant, especially in lesser developed countries. Also, some countries are notorious for taking a long time to process passport applications, especially for first-time issues.

Remember to sort out your health insurance well in advance too - visitors from the EU should get a EHIC card from their national insurer, others should get private travel insurance to be on the safe side. A trip to the hospital, for whatever reason, can easily cost you thousands when not insured.


There currently are no major roadworks announced on the regional road network.

However, please note that near the A100 / A113 exit AD Grenzallee a diversion is in place until Summer 2017 due to the construction of the new A100 tunnel.

Also, there currently is some heavy construction going on south of the hotel, where the new A100 exit Sonnenallee is being built. Sonnenallee is currently diverted because of that, but is scheduled to remain open during the time of the convention.

There has been some confusion about the road toll for foreigners bill that recently has been tabled by an insignificiant regional party in the German parliament, mainly to please the hillbillies in their home state. It is however not to become effective before 2016, and henceforth irrelevant for this year at least. Also, Austria is already planning to take the German government to the European courts for this, and there is a high chance that this frivolous piece of NIMBYism will be deemed unconstitutional. So nothing to worry about for the moment.

Do remember that the low-emission zone starts just around the corner from the hotel though, so if you feel like driving anywhere within the central districts of Berlin (i.e. you are totally crazy and in dire need of professional help) you will need the appropriate sticker for your vehicle.


Domestic and international train tickets will be bookable from the following days:
Tuesday, 18 August - 19 May
Wednesday, 19 August - 20 May
Sunday, 23 August - 24 May
Monday, 24 August - 25 May

Save the date!

For your convenience, there is a special search form for saver fares at the DB web site. For longer journeys, it is highly advisable to book early to get a good fare.

There is a fair amount of planned construction ahead for 2015, albeit nothing major during the time window of EF so far. Everything has been worked into the online timetable, so you should not run into problems when booking at this time.

Ostkreuz station is still under reconstruction and there might be some short-term changes in operation. However, the platforms that are in use now all have lifts and escalators, so the situation will be less dire than in 2014.

Further updates on construction and other timetable changes will follow about a month before the convention, when the full summer schedule has been released. There's also a small possibility of industrial action, though after ten rail strikes over the past six months, maybe they'll get this sorted out until August...

Air travel

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Re: EF 21 Travel Info (May)
« Reply #1 on: 18.05.2015, 22:32:43 »

This could be an option for light travellers with a tight budget:
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Re: EF 21 Travel Info (May)
« Reply #2 on: 20.05.2015, 00:00:39 »

Do the busses from Tegel (the TXL and the M41) have any luggage restrictions?
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