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--- Quote from: o'wolf on 17.06.2015, 15:49:05 ---Moderator's note: this thread was split off from,6235.0.html

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Understandable and I agree. This was not longer in the same spirit at as the question "I live in the UK and I have a passport that will expire, can I safely use it to come to EF".


--- Quote from: Fineas on 17.06.2015, 15:15:48 ---Sorry, but are you arguing that it is a problem you might have a 'nearly' expired passport when you want to return to a 'potentially' corrupt country?

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No. FROM a potentially corrupt country. Since you said "You can always RETURN to your own country". That is true, but in some countries it can be a real pain and potentially incredibly expensive, so it's better to make sure your papers are good for a bit longer than your exact return date. That's all I was replying to.

--- Quote from: Fineas on 17.06.2015, 15:15:48 ---I think it is very safe to say that at least with European countries you will be safe as you are free to travel anywhere as long as you have an ID (doesn't have to be a passport).

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Yeah, within the schengen area you'll probably be fine with a driver's licence, at least if you stick to ferries and trains. Airlines might be a bit more picky with ID, but any government issue photo ID is most likely enough.

Sorry if I went a bit off-topic, I didn't mean to start a debate. I just wanted to point out why such restrictions exist in some countries.


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