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August 24 - 28, 2022
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Author Topic: EF 21 Travel Info - Final Update (July)  (Read 2675 times)


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EF 21 Travel Info - Final Update (July)
« on: 13.07.2015, 18:46:52 »

Hi everybody!

This is the last update and will be given in condensed form, since nothing much has changed this time (thankfully).

  • If you don't have your travel documents in order by now, you're screwed. Or have to cough up money for an express passport. Seriously, it's one month before the con. Check that your documents are valid for your entire stay.
  • Remember to pack an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or arrange for travel insurance when coming from overseas.

  • A diversion is in place at the A100 / A113 exit AD Grenzallee until Summer 2017 due to the construction of the new A100 tunnel.
  • Local construction such as the diversion of Sonnenallee and the temporary closure of Karl-Marx-Straße may lead to delays in the general Neukölln area. Please take this into account when travelling by car.
  • The Ringbahn (S41 / S42) is closed between Bundesplatz and Halensee. Connections from Südkreuz long distance station and Ostkreuz to Sonnenallee are NOT affected. However, connections from TXL via Beusselstraße will only be possible with the S41 trains. We recommend taking TXL/M41 buses instead as described on our web site.
  • Industrial action on the railways is unlikely to take place, as the major unions have agreed to a new deal some weeks ago. Everything else seems to be running normally, for the amount of "normal" they deem acceptable in Berlin anyways...

Did I forget anything?

Oh, right! Airports. You're still screwed, sorry.

That's all for this year! Anything catastrophic will be announced on Twitter (not that we can do anything about it then, though...) Otherwise, see you at EF in about a month.
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