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EF themed badges for pre-order :) (Closed for now)


Since I won't be able to offer badge commissions on site again this year, I'd love to offer my services now to those who still are in need of a badge for this year's Eurofurence.

Let me draw you as your favourite 80s character or in your favourite show's/movie's/cartoon's style! I can do more than what is shown on the example image above, so just go ahead and ask if your uncertain wether or not I am offering what you're interested in.

Badges will be for pick-up at EF at my Dealer's Den table. :)

If you're interested or have any questions just leave a comment!

Hijackin' Last year's thread. ^___^

P.S. I have six slots filled up and with that I am closed for now. Should I be able to finish those badges off in a decent time to offer new ones before the con, I will re-open again. :)

Simply for the sake of it, have the finished badges of this batch:


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