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Author Topic: EF 21 - Fursuit Photoshoot Status  (Read 4272 times)


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EF 21 - Fursuit Photoshoot Status
« on: 17.09.2015, 11:37:17 »

The first batch of images has been successfully deployed into our gallery at - come take a look!  #p

I will use this post - and our twitter feed - to announce any updates/progress as well as answer and questions.

Update 1: The Friday slots (all slot numbers starting with 3 and 4) are now done.

Update 2: The First block of Saturday slots (all slot numbers starting with 5) is now done.

Update 3: The second block of Saturday and Thirsday slots (all slot numbers starting with 2 and 6) are now done.

Update 4: The first block of Thirsday slots (all slot numbers starting with 1) are now done.

This marks the end of the "regular slots". There's only minor things missing still, some slots with out-of-order numbers (staff) and the "Mugshots".


  • Why is this taking so long? - As you were promised, our pictures aren't just snapshots but are individually post-processed and in some cases worked on with Photoshop to hide some "wardrobe malfunction" or bring back some light effect that the studio flash cancelled out. Also we don't just dump the pictures into a gallery: we label them individually and try to come up with some (semi) funny title/description. That also takes time.
  • Why is Friday the first batch? - That "just happened" because our internal workflow (see above) has several batches in parallel and the Friday one just happened to be finished first. No sense in holding it back until the Thursday ones were done...
  • When will it be finished? - If all goes well and there is little interference from our "RL jobs and families", all pictures should be done within about two more weeks, and that includes the "Mugshots" that we did.
  • Why do you call it 'Mugshot'? - that is a remnant from EF 20 (crime scene theme) when we first did these simple snapshots and they were processed into real mugshots.
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