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Author Topic: Fursuit Lounge Feedback Box Feedback Sheet Finals.  (Read 8950 times)


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... or something like that ;-)

Fursuit Team set up a box for suiters to let us know what your thoughs on the Lounge were.
Luckily not too many sheets found their way in there. So most of you seemed to be happy. :-)
( And half of them might not even have come from you, but my own team. Yes, I DID see you throwing in a bunch of sheets last minute, dear youknowwhoyouare. *lol* )

Well, you called, here are my thoughts, tongue in cheek:

Suggestion: More coat hangers with clips for pants.
Answer: Well, we had a few hundred cloth pegs there.. we'll see.

Suggestion: Chairs without arm rests, so you can use them with a tail.
Answer: We will ask the hotel if they can provide such next year.

Suggestion: more variety of electronic music at the parties.
Answer: Err, what ? Wrong feedback box, pal. :)

Suggestion: More paw dryer slots. People have more paws than heads.
Answer: This is true. However our space and financial resources are limited. We already upgraded this year, and we decided on more head spaces. Because we think a dry head is more important than a dry paw. But as every year, we will work on new ideas.

Suggestion: Keep proper track of borrowed equipment, so we know what went where when.
Answer: Yea, we kept it under strict control the years before. We tried to make it more easy for everyone this year, but that didn't work out. So, back to TSCHERRMAN RULES ANT PAPERWORRK. ;)

Suggestion: More Fans and Dryers
Answer: Gimme all your moneys and I'll see what i can do.

Suggestion: NERF RIVEN
Answer: Huh ?

Suggestion: More chewy, less hard and sticky gummi.
Answer: Tastes differ. We have a mix to try to please everyone. That said, the lounge drinks and snacks aren't ment to be tasty anyways. :) They are just there to keep your mineral, sugar and water levels in the green area, so you don't die while suiting.
Suggestion: Put infrared camera blinders in the lounge to prevent photography.
Answer: We put security in front of the lounge to do that. It's much cheaper and eco friendly. ;-)
Also, that would as well blind the security cameras, and therefor not be helpful.

Suggestion: Don't allow thongs in the lounge. It's disgusting.
Answer: While I agree that decency rules apply even in a changing room.. hey, it's a changing room. The solution is simple: Don't stare at other people while changing. Look at the fursuits or your friends.  ;D

Suggestion: there should be a giant paper wall to draw hearts for you over and over.
Answer: You can draw your hearts directly on my team members! I'm sure they'd be happy. *runs away*

Suggestion: More trashcans !
Answer: I agree ! Surprisingly the largest german hotel doesn't own any. Maybe next year. :)

Suggestion: Change the paw dryer design [drawing included] for better air flow
Answer: If we have the time and the power tools don't die again on the first day.. but that's what you could use the whisks for.

Suggestion: You are super !
Answer: We'll try to improve on that :)

Suggestion: Badge lanyards with clips for fursuiters
Answer: As far as I know EF used those a few years ago, and they kept coming apart so people lost them. Talk to the reg team. Maybe they can find a new supplier.

Suggestion: Rearrange blowers so-and-so.
Answer: Nice idea, but doesn't work out. Rest assured, we optimize each year to find the best compromises.

Suggestion: You guys are awesome. Thx for all the stuff here.
Answer: We aim to please. :)

Suggestion: Enlarge the pipe monster !
Answer: I'd love to ! Again: Money (buying) and space (all year storage) pose limitations here.

Suggestion: Give Kazzador a raise.
Answer: Ok, I hereby double his EF salary. Hm, given that non of the EF staff do get anything for their work, pay the full confee and room, and some even sponsor... does that mean he has to pay more now ?

Suggestion: Med kits with paracetamol and so on for the fursuit lounge
Answer: Sorry, any medical emergency will always be handled by our medics, and Eurofurence will never set up self service stations with medical drugs.

Suggestion (several votes): More racks, more dryers, longer dryers, more paw dryers..
Answer: Yes, I know... ;) We will keep improving, but please understand, we will NEVER have enough drying equipment for over one thousand fursuiters.

....unless you all pool up a donation fund for me to rent you this:

Keep up being fluffy!
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Re: Fursuit Lounge Feedback Box Feedback Sheet Finals.
« Reply #1 on: 14.10.2015, 22:11:01 »

....unless you all pool up a donation fund for me to rent you this:
That would be so fucking awesome! Yes, please do! :)

my feedback: good job.

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