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First, *RAWR!*

WE NEED A PHOTOGRAPHER! If somebody could be interested to spend some times with dragons please let me know here or by PM.
We have the photographer (KumaTheKodiak)! Do not nibble on the big bear! :)

Event's Facebook public page:

Who can join?
Dragons and dragon-hybrids only (we will check it before take the pictures). Also photographers are welcome.

I don't have a fursuit, can I join?
YES! That's an event for ALL dragons. Basically we will take 2 pictures, one with fursuits only and another one with all dragon attendees mixed together *fluffy* !

When will the photoshoot be held?
It will be held on Friday 19th August (Con Day #3) at 15:00/3pm.

Where will the photoshoot be held?
Good weather: Campfire in front of the Estrel hotel
Bad weather: Rotunda into the Estrel hotel

Time and meeting point will be confirmed here and with home-made signs at EF22 directly, take a look around ^^
This time I'll arrange the event better, making the main photographer noticeable and letting everybody listen his orders to take better pictures ;-)

See you there! *dragonhugs*

Pictures of the EF22 Dragons photoshoot:

All together!:

Count me in! :3

I'll try to be there this time (last year I... kind of got distracted and forgot x3)

According to the busy EF22 schedule avoiding the main events, the dragon photoshoot will be held on Friday 19th August (Con Day #3) at 15:00/3pm.

People who would like to help the photographer moving fursuits/persons for a better pictures are welcome!

Can't join at that time :/
Between the panels at 11:40/13:40 would be that better idea since leaving panels maybe like 5min earlier is something everyone can do (except for the ones who helds them ^^)


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