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Sep 18 – 21, 2024
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Author Topic: Enter the Arena - Time for change?  (Read 17431 times)


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Re: Enter the Arena - Time for change?
« Reply #15 on: 19.04.2016, 21:16:10 »

Well... here some thoughts from someone who is not a dancer, but someone who just likes when fursuiters are dancing. Enter the Arena is one of my favorite events at the EF.

I agree that the battles from earlier competitions where really cool und I missed them a bit at my first EF (20). But today I think a bit different about bringing them back. The battles work really good for some music styles but not for all. It gets worse when two competitors with very different dance styles have to compete against each other. Last year we had some really cool performances (like mydeggi and faolan) whose style not really fit into a "battle format". When one option is to get the battles back and the other is getting more dancers (because of time) and more different styles I would take the second one.

About the judges... while I think they do a great job and have no problem that my favorites are not automatically the winners... I think there is some room for improvement. Manly a bit more transparency. How about using the big projection screen to put up the scores in the different fields for each dancer? It would make it a bit clearer how the judges got to there totals. And maybe there could be some extra prices for the best technics or the most entertaining show.

And a big "thank you" to all the dancers out there, you're great.
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Re: Enter the Arena - Time for change?
« Reply #16 on: 20.04.2016, 04:15:28 »

I agree that it would be nice to offer a judge place for the winner/s of the competition for the next year, I'm pretty sure things like language barriers etc could be arranged. But it shouldn't be binding so if the person can't attend the con or something, there should be someone else to take their place as a judge.

And as for the battles, I would actually really like to enter something similar to the Floor Wars events in some US cons, but maybe not as part of the main dance competition. But is there enough people willing to take part in that kind of event ? Can't know for sure but I know there are a lot of dancers who do (mostly) freestyle (like me, even tho I do prefer choreo personally but I do a lot of crappy freestyle because I'm lazy) and Floor Wars events would be perfect, I'd totally take part (or atleast try to get in haha) if there was such event at EF. I've been on Enter the Arena two times now and I was kinda sad that the battles weren't at the first EF I attended but now when I think about it, I'd prefer the freestyle dance battles to be a separate event.

I agree on novice and pro categories would be a nice thing to add, and it wouldn't hurt to try to have some judged groups in too ? I really want to do a group (or more like a pair) dance with a friend of mine but trying to get the unjudged dance in was kinda confusing and we didn't end up getting any info on how to do one last year. It didn't really bother us as we know the organizers are very busy and prolly just didn't have time to answer our questions but yeah. Group dance category and pro/novice categories would a fun thing to add/try out. But as there are a lot of people who want to attend already, organizing stuff like this would need more extra hands to help out on.

Also yeah it would be nice to have some general rules or something readable on the EF website, and I know this even is not the main focus but it would be nice to get info on when we can apply for the contest etc. ^^'

edit/ Oh yeah I almost forgot, I think audience voting would be a fun thing to add but ONLY for like "audience favorite" place or something ? Not to replace the whole jury.


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Re: Enter the Arena - Time for change?
« Reply #17 on: 23.04.2016, 10:41:33 »

I agree on novice and pro categories would be a nice thing to add, and it wouldn't hurt to try to have some judged groups in too ?

I agree that having novice/veteran categories could be great, but who will determine whether someone is a veteran or not?

I agree that I'd love to see group performances, but with the amount of dancers we have in the show at the moment, this might simply take up too much time,
which brings us to the possibility/necessesity of preliminaries again.
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