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August 24 - 28, 2022
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Author Topic: Offering a ride from The netherlands to Germany [TAKEN]  (Read 2298 times)


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Well I am going with my car towards estrel and well I need some to keep me company.
I have 4 spots max and a rather large storage (volvo V70) I will have room for around 2 reasonable sized trunks per person and one or two backpacks.

Date and time;
Departure to EF 16-08-2016 @ 8:00 AM from zaandijk.
Departure to home 21-08-2016 from estrel.

Zaandijk, almere, Amsersfoord, apeldoorn, Hengelo.
Prefered is to come to Zaandijk to start the joureny.

Car details;
Volvo V70
5 seats max (including driver).
Roofrail available (if someone got an universal skibox, we can bring more IE fursuits)

Driver expirance;
Licence type: B
Expirance: 2 years, about 400 km a week. Currently working as Currier.

the fuel cost and parking cost will be shared equalily among all. However I would like to get 20 euros up front to cover some starting fuel costs.

Route to EF:

Some related rules;
1. Music along the ride should be liked by all, but driver got veto.
2. No music with sudden loud noises. (really annoying when you go 130 km/h across the autobahn)
3. take care of your safety. IE wear seatbelts etc.
4. No in germany prohibited items.
5. Please don't consume alcoholic drinks along the ride.
6. be polite and talk :)
7. eat all you want but keep the car clean.

current spots left 0.
poeple along the ride:
- tretron (me, driver yay)
- Quba
- Nihil
- Mylo

If you want to join the ride, please PM me with name and tel number for contact. Depending on who has what I eather make a telegram or whatsapp group.
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