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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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Author Topic: Norwegian artist at EF 22  (Read 12909 times)


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Norwegian artist at EF 22
« on: 02.04.2016, 21:32:35 »

greetings everyone. my name is warius and i'm a traditional artist from tromso norway. i will be going to eurofurence 22 and i will be most of my time in the art lounge. so i can say that if you want to get your fursona drawn by me. i can just say. bring your art book or sketchbook to the art lounge and look after me. should be easy because i will be accepting art trade if you are up to it. and i also do take comissions that is not expensive. the price will be under 10 euro for a normal A4 office paper size (A4 is normal for sketchbooks and art books) but i will also carry with me bigger papers so you can get bigger drawings but those will cost more. depending on how much detailed you want it to be and also be aware it might be taking longer because drawing something big and detailed takes a lot of time. you are deffently wondering what the money will go to? the money i get from those comissions will be going to make my travel to anthrocon. so if you want to support me. thats fine. if you dont have money or you do not want to support. thats okay because you are awesome anyway.

do not be shy to ask me questions. i'm a very friendly dragon

also under is a few examples of my art i normally use to do take a look if you want
tromso dragon.
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