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Author Topic: Eurofurence Charity - we're looking for your donations!  (Read 9091 times)

Ray Liehm

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Eurofurence's chosen charity for 2016 is the Painted Dog Conservation. Fighting to save the last of an endangered species, it is not only a worthy charity, but also one that desperately needs all the help we can give it.

What most people do not know is that the painted dog (or African wild dog) is sadly also one of the most endangered species of Africa. Their numbers have dwindled from 500.000 to less than 7000 over the past century. The Painted Dog Conservation is devoted to the protection of the wild dogs and is active in Zimbabwe, where the local population of dogs is one of the last strongholds of the species. Their conservation methods help both the dogs and the local human population in a lasting way, making the future outlook of the species brighter. The painted dog needs our help now more than ever.

For more information, please visit:


Here is a list of how you can support our charity at EF this year:

  • Charity Auction - bid on unique items at the Charity Auction (more info, see below)
  • Charity Art Show display (new!) - place silent bids on selected items at our expanded Art Show display
  • Go to the Charity Concert featuring Fox Amoore and other talented musicians
  • Buy charity Lottery tickets and win nice prices (more info, see below)
  • Donate a percentage of your Art Show sales to charity (see information on bid sheets)
  • Watch out for the designated collecting fursuiters

In addition, we are also urgently looking for contributions/donations to use as prizes for the Charity Auction, Charity Art Show & Lottery:

We kindly invite you to donate artwork, commissions and other nice, unique items (this can be plushies, figurines, books, magazines, or anything nice that would make somebody happy) for the following two events (100% of the benefits will go to charity):

1) Charity Auction:

As last year, we will have a special Charity Auction (please see the conbook for the time). We will collect the donated artwork and items (for information on how to donate, see below). Some of these will be on display in a dedicated, signposted area of the Art Show during the convention so that people will have the chance to take a look at them. However, bids on these items will only be accepted during the Charity Auction (which is separate from the regular Art Auction)! We are looking for unique, amazing contributions: for example original art, limited and signed posters, signed soundtracks and books, commissions, rare plushies, and anything unique or special.

2) Charity Art Show display:

A new addition this year, we will be hosting a small number of items for silent bidding in the (now expanded) Charity area in the Art Show. These will typically be artworks or other handcrafted items which could not be fit into the regular Charity Auction. Please note that any artists who already have their own Art Show space and wish to donate some of their art sale profits to Charity are encouraged to use their own display areas, as our space is limited.

3) Charity Lottery:

As usual, we will be selling lottery tickets for the benefit of our Charity. Therefore we are looking for prize donations, like sketch commissions from artists, merchandise, nice books, anything that will make people happy! Small or big - anything is welcome.

***If you would like to contribute something, please fill out the submission form:***


This will make our work at the convention a lot easier. However, even if you have not filled out the form in advance, we will still welcome your contribution on-site! Item drop off takes place in the Art Show, where you will be asked to fill out a little info form if you have not pre-registered your item with us. Submissions will be open until the close of the Art Show on Friday (please refer to the conbook for times). However, items not received before the close of the Art Show on Thursday may not be able to be accepted into either the Charity Auction or the Art Show display.

Also, please note that because of limited space in the Charity Voice Auction, some of the items donated for Auction may instead be sent to the Art Show display or to be used as prizes in the Lottery Booth, where they will no doubt help sell many tickets and raise a lot of money. We will do our best to give every donation the best chance to raise as much money as possible to save the painted dogs.

On behalf of the entire Eurofurence Charity Team, thank you so much for your donations! We're looking forward to your help. If you have any questions or concerns, contact charity [at]
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