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Tiger Photoshoot

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If you would like to participate join the telegram group:

Posters are already printed, just waiting for the confirmation of the program to pick an appropriate time slot.

Our photographer will be the one and only otterbutt Jason Blake :)

All tigers are welcome as we will be doing two photos - one with fursuiters and the second one with all tigers that would like to be on a group photo :)

Looking forward to this event again :D

Especially with proper preperation since it was a bit of a mess last year, especially that it happened 30 minutes earlier out of a sudden without a photographer available :P

So, as last year the shoot was a success prepare your striped butts for this years EF :)

More details as the con comes closer :)

So looking forward to this again <3 I will be wearing my theme-fitting costume for that shoot, that's for sure!! :D

So is this for only tigers?  ;)  Or can any feline brother show up? ;D


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