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Transgender Fur Meet


Hey, I'm trying to organize a meet at Eurofurence22 for furs who are Transgender/Nonbinary or are questioning their Gender. If you fit that description and are interested in attending please contact me. If you know somebody who might be interested in attending  please forward them this message.

We have a Telegram Group. If you want to join contact @candyscream on Telegram. I'm not really far with organization yet. My ideas is just meeting and hanging out at someplace an evening. Still have to figure out when and where. If anybody has tips for how to organize something like this that would be appreciated too :3

guess i'll finally be making a telegram account then ;p

Hello, everybody. After getting several requests to do a panel for trans and non binary furries visiting Eurofurence 24. I decided to do a new Telegram group for that since I deleted the old one a while ago. The group is for everyone transgender, non-binary and  questioning their gender or considering to transition. The group will remain sfw for now, an additional nsfw group may be created upon request. If you are interested and meet the description please contact me on telegram: @candyscream

So I tried to sign up a panel, but it may be too late by now. We will see.


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