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Author Topic: Eurofurence @ Puls TV  (Read 11523 times)


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Eurofurence @ Puls TV
« on: 06.01.2008, 14:23:44 »

Hi everybody!

More news from our PR department :) The Austrian TV Station "Puls TV" started out as a local station for the City of Vienna, but is available nationwide via Sattelite and Cable. It is soon to be renamed to "Puls 4", as they're being remodelled into the fourth national TV station of ProSiebenSat.1 in Austria.

Their daily pop culture magazine "Metro" wanted to do a 5-minute segment about furries, and started contacting random furries in Austria. Luckily, our austrian friends Taibu and Flutterby took the lead, in order to prevent major damage :)

The editor was lacking good footage from furry conventions, and since it's quite known that there is not much good material in the archives out there, and virtually no chance to shoot any, we decided them to provide them with some of BBF's previews from the upcoming EF13 highlights DVD and allowed them to use it. (Obviously, our productions are deemed broadcast quality. Thumbs up, BBF!)

Of course, the result is not exactly an example of journalistic accuracy, it surely has some faults. But thanks to the great work of Taibu, Flutterby and BigBlueFox, the result still turned out to be one of the best german-language TV segments about furries that is out there. Also thanks to Andreas Zacek, the editor in charge for this piece, for taking the time, and listening, and getting it ALMOST right :)  (Next time just don't go fishing for random stuff on youtube to "pimp" things up , and I won't send you nasty complaint emails, okay? Even if it's just a few seconds.)

I took the liberty to add english subtitles for all you non-german speaking folks out there :)

  • Furries @ Puls TV (DivX, High Quality, 35MB, 4:30 min, German with english Subtitles)
  • Furries @ Puls TV (DivX, Low Quality, 16MB, 4:30 min, German with english Subtitles)

Update: BigBlueFox has uploaded the video to youtube. Thanks, BBF!



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