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[EF23] Dragons photoshoot (fursuiters + non fursuiters)!

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Grrrreetings! *RAWR!*

WE NEED A PHOTOGRAPHER! If somebody could be interested to spend some times with dragons please let me know here or by PM.
Q-DK (Thank you!)

Event's Facebook public page:

Who can join?
For the shoots, dragons and dragon-hybrids only (we will check it before to take the pictures).
Photographers and dragon fans are welcome to join ^^

I don't have a fursuit, can I join?
Y-E-S! That's an event for ALL dragons! We will take 2 pictures, a first one with fursuits only and a second one with all dragon furries mixed together!

When will the photoshoot be held?
Fri - Con Day 3 - 2017-08-18 @ 18:00 (6pm)

Where will the photoshoot be held?
Good weather: Campfire in front of the Estrel hotel
Bad weather: Rotunda into the Estrel hotel

Time and meeting point will be confirmed here and with home-made signs at EF23 directly, take a look around ^^

See you there! *dragonhugs*

Pictures of the EF23 Dragons photoshoot *NEW*


Ehi guys, I'm still looking for a skilled photographer with a good camera to take the shots of us at EF23. It will take just few minutes. Please let me know if you, or a furry friend who is attending the convention, could be up for that!

hey draggy, have you talked to Q-DK?
he might be willing.

According to the busy EF23 schedule avoiding the main events, the dragons photoshoot will be held on Friday 18th August (Con Day #3) at 18:00 (6pm).

People who would like to help the photographer moving fursuits/persons for the pictures and other photographers and all furries are welcome to attend!

As promised to Drachetto, I'll leave a pic I took of the Dragon Photoshoot here, until Q-DK officially posts the pictures.

(Click here for full size)

Thanks to the helpers for a good lineup this time.


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