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Hello fuzzy fellows!

From the beginning in 1995 with a few furs up to the biggest furry convention outsie the USA today, Eurofurence keeps growing every year so the workload to carry out Eurofurence grows every year. Some of the work is visible for attendees and some is not. So we think the time has come to give you all a deeper view into the work of the fuzzys in the Eurofurence team.

Maybe this could be an inspiration for those of you that want to help keeping Eurofurence a great convention but don't quite know where they would fit in yet

Therefore every Monday one department will give a self-introduction: we present the "Introduction Monday".

The Conbook department is in charge of creating a booklet which contains helpful advice, introduces our Charity and Guest of Honor, our program and various beautiful art and interesting content. It is made to fit the theme of each year. One of the most important tasks is inter-department communication and putting information from various sources together. Further tasks are:

+ Communication with artists (Art Work)
+ Communication with other conventions (Advertising)
+ Creating a design for the current years' Conbook fitting the theme
+ Layout the content
+ 3D-artist to update and adapt the hotel maps
+ editorial work and proof reading

Main motivation to be in the Conbook department is lovely team members who are all very passionate about pretty design. Everyone knows the phrase "No one ever reads the Conbook"... now we have the vain idea to change a few people’s minds by trying our best every year anew ;)

We are always looking for people who are either native to the English language (AE) or very fluent at it to help proofreading the Conbook. Usually proofreading starts in the last week of July. Depending on how quick you are at reading and evaluating mistakes you should plan in at least an hour or two.

If you want to be a part of the Conbook team, then contact: Snow-wolf via

Dhary Montecore:
The Dealers' Den provides a point-of-sale for artists and dealer who are offering all kind of furry related merchandise. Artists for example offer their services with sketches, con badges, little drawings or full coloured artwork, they sell high quality prints, self published comic books and all kind of little things with their art and handwriting on in. Some artists specialized on sewing and costume building offer pre-made costume parts, self made plushies and display their portfolio for commissions later on. Dealer and merchants offer a wide variety of either self made or designed goods like t-shirts, leather crafting, soaps, sweet treats and liqueur, or offer books and plushies from lager brands. The Dealers' Den team itself runs the Eurofurence Shop on site which offers all the leftovers earlier Eurofurences, mostly t-shirts.

The Dealers' Den also maintain the Artist Alley - a point of sale in the public area where mainly artists have the opportunity to sit down and offer their skills in a more flexible way. Since there is no registration needed the Alley is meant to be an area where artists and customers get together spontaneously - first come, first serve.

The Dealers' Den Team make sure that everything from preparations and registration for the Den, the seating situation, the point of sales itself (including set up and break down of tables and power sockets) work out smoothly for the artists, dealer and customers. We are also the contact persons for the artists and dealer during the convention to all kind of departments like Con Ops and Security if there might be any problems need to be solved. We also host all kind of minor services like a pc with scanner or a get together party for artists, dealer and staff members together with the Art Show Team.

At the moment the Dealers' Den team is not looking for help, but times are changing, especially at the convention, so don't hesitate to ask if they need help.

The required time depends on the job you have within the team - most of the work has to be done in advance, like registration forms, seating plans, e-mails, artwork for conbook and door signs, handouts etc. On site it is about two hours of set up on Wednesday and three for the cleaning on Sunday, or additional Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11am to 7pm within the Den in the Eurofurence Shop.

If you want to be a part of the Dealers' Den team, then contact: Alpha_Ki via

The Daily Eurofurence is a printed newspaper covering events and stories about Eurofurence and the fandom in general. Four issues of the Daily (with four pages each) are printed during the convention, from Thursday to Sunday.

We are a team of about a dozen writers, photographers, layouters and cartoonists. Our goal is to both inform and entertain our readers. Our mission is to go to the most exciting events, talk to the most interesting people and ask the most pressing questions. Also, our best photos since Eurofurence 15 are collected in a permanent archive as a part of Eurofurence's "visual memory".

Daily contributors get to meet inspiring people and they get a glimpse behind the scenes of Europe's biggest furry convention. If you are interested in helping, or if you have ideas for articles, please contact our director Luxen.

We are always looking for writers, editors and photographers. From our team members we expect daily contributions (at least one article or photo job a day) and attendance of our morning meetings. Please be aware that most of the work (writing, editing and processing images) takes place in the evenings. The workload varies between two and six hours a day, but we promise to do our best to make sure that you can still enjoy the convention and that you don't miss your favourite events. 

We offer a friendly work atmosphere and good learning opportunities for both writers and photographers.

Skills we are looking for:
- Good command of English
- Some prior experience with writing or editing
- Photographers should have a good command of their equipment and editing software
- Curiosity and an open mind

Sounds good? Contact us ( or @eartufts on Twitter/Telegram) or simply visit our Daily EF office during the convention.

A lot of hard-working, dedicated people make Eurofurence what it is: a great event full of creativity, color, fur, stage shows and inpromptu-fursuit artists. Behind the scenes, this requires a lot of planning, preparation, coordination and general "making the magic work". Thus there's barely a spot where IT systems don't play a role in the background. While, traditionally, each department builds and operates their own system tailored to their specific needs, more structure and knowledge has become vital over the years.

The Eurofurence IT department fills this role of a central coordinator and service team for every department that needs IT services before, during or after EF. Among those are the operation of the EF server, which hosts our website including the Daily EF archives, forums, a multitude of internal systems like wiki, etherpad, kanboard, otrs and so on. We help coordinate the main registration system for EF, for fursuit badges, art show and dealers den. New systems are installed or custom-crafted for special purposes, like an electronic "stage rider" for stage events.

On-site we coordinate with the Estrel IT to get the internet connectivity working; for instance, this included last year's live-stream of our "big party" to the outside, running the IT infrastructure like DHCP/DNS, provide hardware (PCs, scanners, switches, etc.) for departments which don't have their own and run our staff wifi.

The most visible part for attendees is our very own "Eurofurence app". It's completely custom-built by us, with a high-performance cloud backend and native on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. Close cooperation between departments is needed here to get all information from event programming, dealers en listings, general information and more into the app.

Since our work is so specialized and diverse, we don't usually have open job postings. However, if you're good at IT maintenance, administration and especially programming and would like to help primarly outside the actual convention days, feel free to contact Zefiro. You might soon become part of a ninja team dedicated to keep things running.

If you want to be a part of the IT team, then contact: Zefiro via


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