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Author Topic: Enter The Arena 2017  (Read 6386 times)


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Enter The Arena 2017
« on: 13.06.2017, 01:17:58 »

Welcome to Enter the Arena!
The official annual Eurofurence Fursuit Dance Contest.

First of all, my appologies for being so late with this announcement. It's been a busy year so far. We're working on a solution to avoid anything like this for next year, but I'll get back to this at a later time.

The Show

During a spectacular two hour show, contestants from all over the world compete to show their skills on the dance floor to a cheering audience.

Performances can vary from sensual belly dancing to contemporary dance, hip hop, improv, own created styles and even a mix of all these aforementioned styles combined. 

Each contestant’s performance is judged by a judging panel consisting of two male and two female judges, who will score each contestant on style, originality and overall performance.

If you think you have what it takes and feel like performing in front of a crowd of frenzied but excited furries, then don’t wait any longer and sign up to… Enter the Arena!

How to enter

Participating in the dance contest is relatively easy.
All you have to do is send an email to Bigbluefox @ gmail . com , with the subject: ‘Enter the Arena 2017’ and state your desire to participate in Enter the Arena. Make sure to enter the name you wish to be introduced as, your gender (for wording purposes) and country of origin.

Please include a link to a Youtube video or a URL in your application that points to a video that represents your dancing skills.

Due to time constraints and limited slots, dance contests worldwide can only let a limited number of dancers perform. This unfortunately also applies to Enter the Arena.
As a result, if the number of applications exceeds a certain limit, we will need to start a selection process to make sure we have a balanced show. This is the part we hate the most as we would love to give all of you out there a stage to perform on.


Whether you are the king of popping and locking... if you have mastered tutting to a T, if you mixed krumping with Krav Maga and Aztec Warfare, have control over your belly to make it ripple like water, know all the moves of Just Dance by heart, or are really good at shaking your tail, Enter the Arena is THE place to show the audience and judges what you are made of!


Our judging panel consists of two male and two female judges who know what they are talking about. Being either dancers themselves or performers in another way, the judges know what it takes to get on stage and perform in front of an audience.
The judges will judge every contestant’s performance with up to 10 points based on style, originality and audience interaction. At the end of the show, all scores will be tallied up and the top three performers will be announced on stage.

After the show, the full ranking will be put up in the Fursuit Lounge for the performers to review.

Group performances:

Although we highly applaud the skills needed to pull off a great choreographed group performance, we feel it would not be fair to the solo performers, to have one or two groups perform.
We would need at least four group performances in order to make it fair.

Until such a time where we have this amount of group applications, we will not judge group performances.

If however, you would like to perform in a group anyway, to entertain the audience and give a kick-ass show, please feel free to apply. Even though the performance will not be judged, you do get to show your fellow furries what moves you possess.


After you have signed up and received an email from us stating you made it into this year’s Enter the Arena, you will be asked to answer a few questions related to your performance and send us a music file that you are going to dance to which is not longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds in total duration.

Your music choice is your own, it can be a mix of music styles, it can be one single song or something you created yourself.

It is important to keep in mind we can’t mix music files for you, you have to do this yourself and send the pre-mixed file to us. The file you send us to play is the song you will dance to during the actual show.


The show will be hosted by one or two hosts depending on the availability. The hosts will connect the performances together with the judges’ feedback on said performances and keep the audience informed. They will also introduce and welcome you on stage as a dancer. To do this correctly please make sure you send the name you would like to be introduced as, your gender (for wording purposes) and your country of origin to us in the application email.

Performer care

Every year we have a dedicated team of helpers and staffers working behind the scenes to keep you as a contestant cool, informed and ready to go. Water, cooling and a place to wait will be provided for. We also strive to set up screens so you can see what your fellow contestants and friends are doing on stage. You can take your fursuit head off in this area, as it is backstage and not accessible to the general public. The room will also allow quick exit to the corridor leading to the fursuit lounge in case of emergencies or if you forgot a paw or performance required attribute.


The deadline for applications to Enter the Arena is the 8th of August 2017.

Further questions

If you have any further questions related to Enter the Arena please send an email to Schnitzelwolf @ gmail . com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
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