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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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Author Topic: Important Updates & New Services  (Read 7193 times)

Dhary Montecore

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Important Updates & New Services
« on: 18.06.2017, 23:28:07 »

Hi everyone!
Here are a few important updates to our convention. If you have any questions to these topics, feel free to contact your security service (

Private Electric Devices in Hotel Rooms
Those of you returning to Eurofurence are aware that private electrical appliances are not allowed in hotel rooms in the Estrel hotel, with phone and notebook-chargers as exceptions to this rule. This rather strict regulation is deemed necessary by the hotel's insurance and fire safety.
However, the furry community is somewhat unique in their requirements. The Estrel staff and housekeeping struggled to allow many of your various electrical devices without violating the laws or jeopardising their insurance, which led to inconsistent decisions about what is okay and what needs to be removed. In cooperation with the hotel management, we have defined a clear set of rules that will be in effect from now on:
1) All common power supplies and chargers for phones, notebooks, tablets, etc. may be used at any time.
2) Standard household fans may be used if they are in good working condition (no broken wires or plugs, all safety guards attached, etc). Industrial or high power fans (>150W) are not allowed.
3) Regular battery chargers up to 4 slots are allowed - please only use branded batteries and supervise them during charging! Large battery chargers (more than 4 charging slots or battery pack chargers for drones, large cameras, etc.) may not be used in the hotel rooms. Please contact ConOps or Security to seek a safe and monitored location for charging such appliances.
4) Cooling, heating or cooking appliances are prohibited without exception! This includes but is not limited to water kettles, cooking plates, popcorn and ice cream machines, fridges, freezers, A/C units, etc.
5) Self-built devices (suit driers, fan-stations, etc.) powered directly from an unmodified power supply and running on no more than 12VDC (Protection class III) may be used. Higher power devices may be used if tested in the Security office (DIN VDE 0701-0702 testing and certification) and deemed safe according to German regulations.
Please note that this testing service is provided by trained security personnel in their free time and therefore subject to availability. Additionally, a small charity donation is expected for this otherwise free-of-charge test.

Exclusive Convention Spaces
Eurofurence function spaces have always been exclusive to registered and paid Eurofurence attendees. By popular demand the exclusive convention space has been extended!
From this year onward, the entrance to the Rotunda connecting the Estrel Hotel and its convention centers will be a new checkpoint. Admission at this point will be granted only to Eurofurence attendees and you are required to keep your convention badge on display at all times beyond. However, we would kindly ask you to do so in the public areas nevertheless.
To make things smoother, please keep your convention badge on the lanyard that was given to you during registration. Do not swap lanyards or wear lanyard colours that are used for organisational purposes such as red, green, yellow or violet for your private badges and lanyards.
The Atrium, Estrel Hall Foyer, Estrel Passage, Estrel restaurants and the beer garden remain public.
Fursuit-Safeguarding for Overflow Attendees
Due to Eurofurence?s growth, more attendees are forced to reside in an overflow hotel or hostel. As a service to these attendees, security will offer overnight safe-keeping for their fursuits throughout the convention, 24/7.
However, keep in mind that this service is intended only for overnight storage! Please use one of our well-equipped fursuit lounges for short-term storage during the day, where additionally the fursuit support team will be available for fursuit repair and maintenance services.

If you want to make use of the fursuit overnight storage service, you are required to pre-register as soon as possible. We will accept new registrations for this service during the convention, but pre-registered attendees will have priority and space may be limited. To pre-register for this service please write a short e-mail with your

  • Full name
  • Nickname
  • Registration number (from your confirmation e-mail)
  • A photo of your fursuit

to! Please be aware that for safety reasons photo ID is required to hand in and reclaim your fursuit on-site.
You may hand in and reclaim your fursuit at the security office at any time, either in a transport box or as-is. Storage of fursuits will be in a room with CCTV surveillance and restricted access. If you hand in your suit without any transport box it will be hung on a regular hanger. The room will be moisture controlled and we will make use of ozone generators for contactless decontamination and odour elimination.
Once again, this offer is only available to attendees without a room in the Estrel hotel and is limited to fursuits.
Thank you for reading - we're looking forward to party with you!
-Dhary Montecore
Chief of Security
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