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Weird question but...


Roe Da Angry Deer:
How high are doorways generally in the hotel???

As my suit has antlers and I would just like to know how tall the doorways are so I can practice getting through them without bashing people around me.

As you can see from the pictures it adds a good amount to my height, so I just want to make it safer for me and others by knowing in advance a rough height estimate of the doors :P

The German industry norm for interior doors requires a height of 198,5cm. Without having measured the Estrel doors, I think you're safe using that as an estimate.

Latharn Keogh:
That's right. So the doors to the rooms in the Estrel should be that high, the doors in the lobby might be higher though. You could always write an email to the hotel and ask:

Roe Da Angry Deer:
Thank you :)

I'm 2 meters tall and my wings and ears don't hit the doors :P


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