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Author Topic: EF23 Hotel rooms  (Read 6447 times)


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EF23 Hotel rooms
« on: 22.08.2017, 10:14:30 »

This time the room service was "invisible" in the best way possible. The room was never blocked, so I guess either they did it very fast or i was were just lucky never returning to the room when they were in there :)

On one day the water tap "exploded" somehow. Water came out everywhere, main valves were not moving. I contacted the service and then I experienced the fastest acting craftsmen I ever saw. In about 30 min the tap was repaired, the room was cleaned and I got fresh and dry towels, thumbs up.
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Re: EF23 Hotel rooms
« Reply #1 on: 23.08.2017, 02:17:44 »

Haha, exploded tap, oh dear. Free shower for the room.
It's fairly interesting in what kind of broken things you encounter in hotel rooms you hardly ever encounter at home.

The toilet was dripping at the connection to the wall in my room. I have no idea why no guest before me or the housekeeping noticed/reported the water.
Well, #technicianwasinformed, #technicianfixedit (on the next day). He told me it happens from time to time. O~kay...
He apparently had the same case happen in wing 4 on that day.
I also have no idea why no one changed the batteries of my remote control. It only worked when hold directly in front of the sensor. They always do that Hello! screen thingy, should have noticed. The TV in general always hangs up on me once on a EF. Only pulling the plug fixes it. (Or the clock synch signal at ~9am.) 10/10 Philips product. :D

Housekeeping apparently learned on friday or saturday that they can skip my room until noon. xD
Also put the not used blanky into the wardrobe and basically left the bed as it was, just made it look nice and tidy.
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