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Are any other furs interested in geocaching? I see there is a cache on the bridge near the Estrel hotel and some others nearby that I hope to find.

I haven't gone Geocaching myself. But I had a friend who talked about it and I found it interesting, I never had the time, or really knew how to start. It was just something I would think about from time to time. I would be down to see what's up with it first hand though!

Kieran aka DatDraggy:
That is still alive?
 I did it a few years ago, it was fun but I stopped after a while.

oh yeah, it is still a big thing in the US.
If you don't mind me asking, why did you get out of that hobby?

Kieran aka DatDraggy:
Just lazyness and not enough time anymore. I'm a computer nerd so I'm not really the kinda guy to stumble through forests and stuff xP
I also believe they started charging for some things?


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