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Need a Badge For EF24 [Closed]


I don't know if this is the right place to ask or on too short notice, but I need a badge for my two characters (so that's one badge with two characters, to clarify) that I can pick up at the con.
Please reply to this if you can help me out or point me to someone who can.

Thank you.

Edit: I have found an artist. I should have said it here sooner, but there was so little activity here that I didn't think anyone was interested. Thank you, everyone who's replied or PM'd me, you're all amazing! <3


I am not sure if you already found the right person but I can give it a shot. :)

I am attending con and offer badges. They're traditionally done, laminated, rich in detail.

I can draw you full-body Megabadge (size about A4, no background) like this - ,

Or smaller round one with bg -

(more samples in my gallery - )

Price per one is 35€

If you're interested, please contact me via e-mail - :)

Not sure if you'll ever read this, Eleweth, but your art is beautiful! <3


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