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Fursuiter looking for a room space in Estrel, early arrival+late

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Hi there! Im looking for someone who has a space in his room and would like a big fluffy dingo around =D
Big partyguy too !

Im very considerate roommate, I dont organise parties in my room unless you allow me, I am most of the time somewhere outside so I am not in the way at all xP
Im very clean, very quiet, I dont snore (as far as I know or as far as others told me)
Im gay, but Im very hetero looking and most people would never tell haha!

And uhmmm .. I dont know what else to write xD ...
Im cuddly !

Thank you in advance! =3

Telegram : @JumpyD

Found a roomie but he ditched me few days  ago =/ ...
So back to square one.
Anybody wants a dingo? xP

still looking *big puppy eyes*

know the feeling i have a backup hotall my self. 5-6 min mabe walk from Estrell i may be alone in my room at the other hotell.
 so i was thinking of  looking too see if mabe someone had space in main,
but looks like i have to change my text abit again.
sins i cant change my current room so i have a dubble room in this at this other hotell.

still looking *biiiiiiig puppy eyes*


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