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[EF25] Dragons photoshoot (fursuiters + non fursuiters)!


If somebody could be interested to spend some times with dragons please let me know here or by PM.
Ruse the sergal (thank you!)

Event's Facebook public page:

Who can join?
For the shoots, dragons and dragon-hybrids only (we will check it before to take the pictures).
Photographers and dragon fans are welcome to join ^^

I don't have a fursuit, can I join?
Y-E-S! That's an event for ALL dragons! We will take 2 pictures, a first one with fursuits only and a second one with all dragon furries mixed together!

When will the photoshoot be held?
Saturday 17th August (Con Day #4) at 16:30 (4:30 pm)

Where will the photoshoot be held?
Good weather: Campfire in front of the Estrel hotel
Bad weather: Rotunda into the Estrel hotel

Time and meeting point will be confirmed here and with home-made signs at the Estrel directly, take a look around ^^

Please spread the voice about the photoshoot to all dragons you know!

See you there!

According to the busy EF25 schedule avoiding the main events, the Dragons Photoshoot will be held on:
Saturday 17th August (Con Day #4) at 16:30 (4:30 pm)

And the meeting point will be The Rotunda this year, not the Campfire!

People will be in the Closing/PPS queue at this time already. Seating starts at 17, so no photoshoot for me.
12:30 would be better...

+1, 16:30 on Sat is too late.

The official pictures of the EF25 Dragons Photoshoot, taken by Ruse the sergal:

Thanks very much to all the dragons who has attended the photoshoot, the official photographer, all the other photographers and furries and people who helped.


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