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I am a nurse! I can help you if you're handicapped!


Hey there!

So since I am a nurse, I want to offer my services for free, if you're handicapped and need my help!

I have 3 years of experience in this job, and I am very passionate about it! Wether you need help moving around, transfering from wheelchair (to toilet, bed or else), (limited) medical assitance, changing pants, or emergency first aid, I can do that for you!

I will only reply to serious inquiries. I am only interested in helping those who are handicapped, not for any kinks.

Hit me up on Telegram @KarnTheWolf and send me '#nurse' if you need help! Even during the con!
I'll only bring gloves and masks for myself. Anything else you are in need for, you have to provide yourself! (Since I can't possibly bring all the supplies myself.)


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