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Hello, I have a little bit feedback about the Eurofurence-App.
(Sorry when I don‘t know the right technichal terms)

First: It‘s a really good app and I used it to organize my events! Thanks to the team who created it!

Here are some “wishes” I would like to see in the App…

- When I favor an event, I can only see my favorites at the start page at the bottom so I always have to scroll down. Maybe we can have a button for “Favorites” at the side bar?

- Something to the page “Events”: When I scroll down, choose an event and go back, I’m always on the top and have to scroll down again. It would help, when you are in the same position as you were before clicking on an event.

- Maybe a consideration: When you open the page “Events” you are at the position in the list where the last events started. Like it’s 1 p.m. and you see the events, which started at 12 p.m. for example. Of course you can scroll up to see the past events.
I just thought about it, it’s no criticism.

I second all of the above.

And please if possible considering introducing a dark mode.

I really liked the app.

There were a couple little nitpicky things, all related to favourites, and as the topic has already come up, let me add my 2c.

* When an event was over, it would still stay in the favourites list, so I had to scroll across it. And it took me a bit to figure out where the favourites were shown. I'd second a "Favourites" section, or maybe even a "Today's Favourites" section.
* On my android tablet, I had to hold the heart button to be able to fave an event, rather than just tap it. That took a bit of figuring out, especially since tapping didn't seem to do anything. At first I thought faves were broken.

Last year i loved this App.
But this year i could not use it to mark my favorite Events because the App crashed at least every second time as i add a event to the favorites.  :'(

--- Quote from: Fineas on 20.08.2019, 17:32:05 ---And please if possible considering introducing a dark mode.

--- End quote ---
I would love to have a dark mode for this App... <3

In my experience the app worked mostly flawless.  (Android)

I second that the favorited apps remaining after they were "over" was a small nuisance, but nothing more.

Another small nitpick was that when ever I would go from watching an event on the schedule and back to the schedule, the screen would return to the top.
I would love to see that the screen return to the same event as was being watched.

And of course thanks to all the hard working people for an amazing con <3


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