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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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Author Topic: First Timer and EF 25 Review  (Read 8459 times)


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First Timer and EF 25 Review
« on: 11.12.2019, 01:51:11 »

First off let me say this, I LOVED EF25, it was amazing, an adventure, I am homesick for Berlin now, and can't wait to go back.
I love this con, but I know that they're are areas they can improve, and infact they are doing it for next year.  So before I get onto all
the points I love, I'm gonna list the points where the convention fell a little short.   Please note that it's not a criticism or an attack,
so please be gentle with me when you read my feedback, as someone with a high level of anxiety, a first conventioneer, and a first time fullsuiter,
my experience may be a little more unique and scary than some.   

Points needing improving.

1 Knowing where something is, and how to find it.

Unfortuently my phone was stolen on the way to Berlin, and I didn't notice until I arrived.   I found the map in the book really confusing. 
The screens in the Hotel didn't really tell you much information on events that where happening.  I didn't realise there were event rooms
on the first floor.  ^^;   Some of this is down to me I guess, but it would be really great to have more information about whats going on
in live time, and how to get there. 

2.  The dealers den was really cramped.   

Not much more I can add here, dealers and customers really suffered this year in the dealers den, people were polite, and everyone did there best to get around
without causing hardship, but we all felt pretty bottled in, but this is something EF is changing for 2020.   They're moving it to a larger room. 

3.  There was an issue with poodling. 

I was getting conflicting information from staff whether or not poodling was banned.   This wasn't something that was listed in the Con-Book
as a Rule, and I was getting conflicting information from Staff whether it was allowed or not.    A lot of famous fursuiters I noted were NOT pulled
up about it, but the small time guys were.   You can't have it both ways, it's either banned or its not, and everyone should be bound by the same rules.
Because of the backlash EF recinded their decision over the poodling on twitter. 

4.  The dance compition had empty reserved seats that no-one was sitting in.

As a super sponser you can imagine my dissapointment, especially in fullsuit, trying to find a seat at the dance compition and being refused
permission to sit in the "reserved area"   There were rows upon rows of seats, then when I found a place to uncomfortably sit on the floor
with digigrade legs (it was not comfortable at all) I kept being moved.    I was really upset by the pompous and condesending way that
staff acted within the Dance Competition, everything seemed really stuck up, and by the end of it, I decided to leave the venue voluntarily,
and go do something else.  My friends were extremely angry at this too, they felt like I had been kicked out.   This isn't any good.
As a fullsuiter, and a SUPER SPONSER, I should have had priority seating.   I wouldn't go to the dance compition next year so it wouldn't be a problem.


Everything else at EF was amazing,  I loved the events, the people, I loved the beer garden and fire pit.   Every day I dream about returning
even with the bad stuff that happened.   I feel homesick for Berlin and EF.
The fursuit lounge staff COULDNT BE BETTER.   They are ABSOLUTE ANGELS.
I loved the fact that my zipper stuck, and the staff kepts saying, "The zip is stuck, must be a lemonbrat suit"  that made me giggle. 

I love EF, and I love the staff and the people who attend so much!   I'll never forget it. 
It had its ups and down, but I love EF with all my heart.    And I got shoulder rubs from Dhari, I can die a happy cat now!  ^_^

All the best,
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