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i don't know if this is much feedback, but i feel the fursuit lounge needs expanding with more places to dry your suit parts, it was super hard to find any room to put my head and paws and when i finally did find space someone took it upon themselves to touch and move my suit to make room for their own :( was such a struggle to find space all throughout the con, the room is huge and there's defo room for more tables with dryers the same goes for racks to dry bodysuits idk it's just something i struggled with a lot!

Hi Kawaiirat,

you did hear what Cheetah said about the numbers of suiters at the con? Like 40%? Of 3300 participants?

I do my suit treatment in my room to other ppl have more space.

besides (I know, sorta dead-beat argument) Mystifur would be more than happy to acceot another pair of paws for helping everything setting up and taking dawn again (last staffers leaving today). It might be lamentable that suiters tend to hog dryers and store their suit in the lounge but there's not much to do, unless we switch to coin-dryers ...

Thank you for your feedback!



I'll just hop in this thread for some feedback.
I loved the new fan, the massive black one. It blows right through any suit and cools down anything <3
Drinks were always available, and the snacks never ran out, we were well taken care of! And again there were chairs with no armrests for us big-tailers who have to sit on them sideways.

I would like to see some more tables in the lounge! I missed the regular empty tables that can be used for getting my suit or just the head on and off as I come in the lounge to cool down. Every table was either filled with fursuit drying equipment, fans, or had the water barrels on them. Maybe some empty ones can be squeezed in for those who just want to get out of the head, have a drink and go back out again? :)

that "big black monster" tripped the safety switch :/

Loved the stormbox! Somewhat need like 2 of them during the dances permanently!


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