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New Berlin airport opens next year... Only AFTER EF is done...


Quincy the Raccoon:
Well, finally there is good news! In late October 2020 (AFTER EF is done), the new airport opens to the public so from 2021 us furs can come to the airport. Finally. And it's more convenient!

BERLIN - The new Berlin airport will open definitively on 31 October 2020. Airport leader Engelbert L├╝tke Daldrup announced this on Friday. More information will be announced later in the day at a press conference at Berlin's Tegel airport.

The opening of Berlin Brandenburg Airport or BER, as the airport is called for short, is a headache file. The opening was originally planned for 2012, but has been postponed many times. The delays were caused by, among other things, bureaucratic red tape and technical problems.

Since 2018, the autumn of 2020 has been mentioned as a new target date, and that goal seems to be achieved now, according to Daldrup.

BER is located on the edge of the existing Schoenefeld airport, on the south side of Berlin. It is intended that Tegel airport to the west of the city will close forever six months after the opening of BER.

Source: (DUTCH)

Yeah, sure...

Thank goodness the opening is planned for after EF. We really don't want everyone scrambling to rebook their flights a few weeks before the convention in case it turns out that they cannot open the airport in time again.


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