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1st time coming to eurofurence


I have been to many furry conventions and was looking for advice on what restaurants I should avoid? don't like sushi or seafood in general. any good vodka to try and any other advice you could give would be great. thank you for the help

To avoid? I can't think of any, just check the prices and see if you are happy with things. Estrel has a few nice places to eat and there's other options locally to walk to. The house vodka is a reasonable one and if in doubt, just ask the bar staff for advice.

This post has a list of restaurants attendees have visited and had something to say about:,5777.0.html

This list is by no means an exhausting list of "bad restaurants" if that is what you seek.
I don't think any bad place will last long in a metropolitan area with this much competition near and around.

If you have the coin, all restaurants in the hotel have been fine experiences for me so far.

It's going to be my first time too. So if you want to go get food together and try out places, feel free to poke me. ;)   In my case is the first time in any Fur Con and in Germany, so quite happy to try new places as all will be new to me.


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