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Did I get a room ?

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Today I sent the email to the Estrel Hotel but unlike last year having a response about not getting a room, I didn't get any response whatsoever yet and is almost past 6 hours since I inquired for the room, is that normal ?

Pls help, I'm worried :(

How long did it take last year? This is my first time on EF so Im curious

I received a response 8 hours and 23 minutes after submitting my request.

It shows that the Estrel Reservation system received my request at 07:01 CET.

I didn't get a room.  And I didn't make the waiting list either, apparently - "...our waiting list is also completely sold and closed."

Ah, well - I will be staying again at the Andel's Vienna Haus, up on Landsberger Allee...which hasn't really hurt my EF experience much, and has probably encouraged me to see more and experience more of Berlin's culture than I would have if I had just stayed in the vicinity of Neukoln and the Estrel Hotel.

Dunno the exact time but I received the answer and got put on waiting list ^^;

I'm still waiting for my answer and it's getting me really anxious o.o

EDIT: Should I follow up with the hotel?


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