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Eurofurence 26 — "Welcome to Tortuga"
Estrel Congress Center Berlin
August 24 - 28, 2022
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Author Topic: Looking for a bed in the Estrel for EF26 (no early & late, but have to check)  (Read 924 times)


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This time I got no room at the estrel, so now it's me searching for someone to take me in...

Looking for:
  • One bed in a room at the estrel (normal / deluxe room, no suite)
  • Wednesday 19.8. (standard) to Sunday 23.8. (standard). (Early & Late is not planned, but could also work, I'd have to check then)
  • Non smoking room (from a person who follows the 6-2-1-rule, no drugs)
  • age & gender & being a suiter (or not) is not important (slight preference for non-suiters)
  • Not snoring would be nice, but I have ear plugs
  • room parties: rather not, but if it fits and is no 'binging till the morning', it'd probably be ok by me, if I get enough sleep

About me:
  • (mostly) male, german, then age 45 (but not feeling so)
  • Con experienced (will be my 21th EF and 57th con in general)
  • clean and tidy, quiet & considerate (hope these are the correct words)
  • showers & changes clothes 1x to 2x per day, uses deodorant
  • Non-suiter
  • Non-snorer (normally, except when I've a cold, will provide ear plugs then)
  • Non-smoker
  • Non-drinker (don't like the taste and the effects, but may have one alcoholic cocktail at the con if it fits the mood)
  • No drugs
  • Not an avid party-animal or dance addicted, I need the room & sleep to recharge for the next day
  • up from 8-10 for still getting breakfast, till 1-2 when most people are gone

  • here via PM
  • Mail
  • Telegram @Fleckenkatze

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