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Fursuiter looking for a room at Estrel (Again).


Hi there ARF!

For the 3rd Year in a row. I Was unlucky not get a room at Estrel.. So now i hope i can find someone who wanna room with a puppy in the main hotel Estrel :3.

Info about me.

I Am a 26 year old male. From Denmark, I Do not snore, or smoke. And i would like as the only requirement for my room mate. That u didnt smoke (Insde our room at least). Beside that i dont has nothing else really.

I Normally is up very late to like 4-5-6 AM. But i am very sneaky when i go to bed :3. I Has attended EF 4 Years in a row now. I Do speak Danish and English. I Will ofcause pay half of the room :3

If u has any other questions. Dont hesitate contact me.

Either do it on here. Or my Twitter or Telegram which both is ZickySodaPup

Thank You!. And i hope u pick me as our room mate :3

Bump ^^


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