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Please help me choose my Panels


After last years GDR-Panel, I want to give it this year another go with doing panels on EF. So I came up with 3 Topics. You decide which one(s) I will do!

- Growing up in the DDR 2 ( now with a working Slideshow)
- Familyhistory. How to do it on a Budget
- Subtitles for the pawpetshow and why it takes so long (maybe with a presentation of 1finished show)

Please comment down below

the top one, growing up in DDR. a panel even i might attend!

  I would second the DDR 2 program.

  For many of us, all we have to go on about Life in the former DDR are some history texts, some still photos and news footage, and what can be gleaned from local museums.  This tends to overlook common cultural things and routines which everyone takes for granted and are not consciously thought about, but which were (or are) quite different and which were daily influences in how people lived and thought.


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