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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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Author Topic: First time at EF!  (Read 8138 times)


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First time at EF!
« on: 20.01.2020, 13:00:20 »


I'm mostly known as NeverFear on other sites, but you can call me Nev for short.

This year I will finally got to EF and I am looking for someone who can give me and my bf some advise for the con (like how to have fun, how can we spend our time with, some advice for a fellow fursuiter? It will be my first time fursuiting in public). Maybe we could even hang out together at the con?
It would be nice to make some new friends^^

We (me and my bf) are also looking for a hotel near the Estrel. Ist there one you would recommend?

Thanks and regards :3


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Re: First time at EF!
« Reply #1 on: 21.01.2020, 14:13:50 »

Welcome Nev,
my personal advice would be "let it happen"
you will get a pocket guide and a con book at registration, have a look at those, but don't plan anything solid.
As in do not attempt to plan your day back to back, I would suggest you just mark some things of interest and decide on them from time to time on a day on the spot.
Personally I share the view that it is very hard to actually get to all the things I want to go to (on time) with all the other nice spontaneous things popping up.

And go "taste", just try some panels, events, gatherings and function rooms (like the dealers den), try walk in there and see if it is something for you.
Maybe some events benefit from a more closed social gathering, but on average just walking in and walking out is a very normal thing to do and gives you a chance to "see what it is about" and a next time you might want to attend the full experience. Some events like a fire pit (if weather permits it) and Game Corner happen multiple days for example.

Maybe search out some people, suiters, people drinking and if you feel comfortable with them, ask them if you want to share some lunch, dinner or some of the open events and dances.
You will be surprised to find what Berlin has to offer and what experiences you can enjoy that are not organized directly by the con.

And if you feel like having some more quiet time, stroll through the art show in between.
Or chat up some of the volunteers, assuming they have the time they will tell you about places of interest nearby to go to and enjoy.
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Re: First time at EF!
« Reply #2 on: 26.01.2020, 15:24:24 »

i can recommend the ibis hotel, it's not far from estrel and a nice place with good breakfast and rooms.
for what to do, well come to the estrel bar and find the fat bear under the black hat.
the bar area is a good place to hang out and suit or watch suiters.
but on arrival check the conbook for panels and timetables on dances and all what is happening.
you will find it useful i think.
but just show up, meeting new friends and having fun will happen, as long as you donøt hide in a corner!
hope to meet you!


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Re: First time at EF!
« Reply #3 on: 26.01.2020, 20:22:33 »

Hello Nev,

it is also the first time for me and my gf at EF. We are in the Centro Park Hotel Berlin Neukölln. It is 3 km away from the Estrel. Hope to see you all there at the Convention.


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Re: First time at EF!
« Reply #4 on: 10.02.2020, 03:44:34 »

this is my first time coming to eurofurence and a trip outside north America. I will be staying at the main hotel as I'm rooming with a friend who I've never meet in person. I usually just wing it at conventions unless there somewhere I have to be like a super sponsor dinner for example.
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