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Hotels near Estrel?


Iron Wing:
So if EF happens next year i plan on attending but if i understand correctly getting a room at the Estrel is like getting a room at the Westin for AC,if you're not fast then getting a room is almost impossible. I tried booking a room in advance however the weekend of EF seems to be blocked for reservations so I likely won't be getting a room at the Estrel when i go. That being said,are there any hotels that are within walking distance of the Estrel? I'm also a fursuiter with limited vision and no handler so the less i have to walk to get between the convention and my hotel the better.

Reservations at the Estrel in the Eurofurence room block┬╣ are only available for registered attendees. Thus, hotel reservation starts after registration for the convention. It is not possible to reserve a room via the Estrel booking page for the time of Eurofurence.

Regarding overflow hotels, here are some options:

We strongly recommend to choose a rate with a reasonable cancellation policy. Some venues hide those rates very well in their booking system, and this year has shown that some will not let you out of the contract even if almost all of the city is shut down due to the pandemic and the guest has no means to travel there. Pacta sunt servanda, they said...

Talking about the pandemic: we unfortunately do not have any estimation yet when reservations for EF26 will start in 2021, as it depends on how the situation develops. Obviously, we will send out an announcement via all of our channels as soon as have a date. We understand that everybody is fed up with the situation and is eager to return to normal (convention) life. We too! We are looking forward to a time when it is possible to have large gatherings again. Let's hope that time is "soon".

┬╣ there may be very few rooms available outside of our block via travel agencies, but read the fine print: those offers may not guarantee a room at the Estrel and might differ regarding cancellation policy or whether breakfast is included.


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