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Eurofurence 26 — "Welcome to Tortuga"
Estrel Congress Center Berlin
August 24 - 28, 2022
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Author Topic: CANCELLED  (Read 156 times)


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« on: 27.07.2022, 11:34:25 »

Offer Ride!

To EF: 24.08.
Leaving: 29.08.

Starting at: Cologne Central Station (officially)

I will start in private at 7 AM in Hückelhoven; if anyone wants to get on the ride from nearby, I can offer to pick you up as well. We still have to drive to Cologne first though, because I'll take my dog to my brother for care.

I am planning to depart from Cologne Central Station at 8AM.
Our Route will take us over A1 past Wuppertal and Dortmund, following A2 past Bielefeld, Hannover, Braunschweig and Magdeburg.
I offer to stop at the destinations mentioned above, nearby to the Autobahn, if you want to join in from there.

For the return trip it's all the same, but in reverse. Starting at Estrel.
Do notice, I will leave at MONDAY morning.

Seats: 3
Car: Ford Fiesta 1.3 (2003) (3 doors)
Costs: At ~7,75l/100km fuel consumption, route of 577km and estimated fuel price of ~1,80€/l, I'll round down to 20€ per person, from cologne. If you get in at later destinations, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Important notes:

- As mentioned above, I have a dog who is a regular passenger in my car. I'll clean out the interior of my car to the best of my abilities, one day before departure. Though I can not guarantee it's going to be 100% rid of any fur. If you are allergic to dogs, I highly advise against taking my offer.
- I don't smoke.
- You are allowed to eat and drink in my car. You can talk to me if you have any necessities during the ride. No need to be shy. :3
- I'm planning to have 2 breaks.
- I'm not driving any faster than 120k/h. I notoriously complain about people who can't use their turning signal, so no worries about that either.
- I'm taking my own fursuit in luggage. Please communicate the size of your luggage before taking my offer.
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