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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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Author Topic: So... Hamburg  (Read 4630 times)


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So... Hamburg
« on: 24.02.2023, 21:02:11 »

I'm sure some naitives, and naitive speakers, probably know the city better than I do, and can offer advice for thins to do outside of the convention centre. But googling the city, some obvious things spring to mind...

Miniatur Wunderland
A model train set model planes, trains and automobiles set that fills several rooms. It's large enough to offer tours. About 20 euros each. Prebooking is strongly recomended. Backstage tours available. As are combo-tickets for a harbour boat tour.

Car museum Prototyp Museum
Classic car and racing car collection. Just under 5 euros each.

Museum Association
Website for a bunch of museums, including the City History museum, the Harbour museum, and the Work museum.
Various prices and loctions.

Brahms Museum
Dedicated of course to Johannes Brahms, and probably worth a visit by anyone interested in music. 9 euros each.

Can anyone from the area recomend anywhere else of interest, or any good local eateries in the vacinity of the CCH?


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Re: So... Hamburg
« Reply #1 on: 26.02.2023, 22:17:47 »

if Miniaturwunderland, then there is the Elbphilharmonie around the corner with a vista platform.

The Speicherstadt (old harbor storage, a view by itself) offers the Spice Museum and the Customs Museum (whatever idea you had about smuggling, they know ^^)

Planetarium: cool shows, not just stars

Hagenbeck Zoo

Hafenrundfahrt/ harbor sightseeing on a budget? The harbour ferries are public transport and can be used with any HVV ticket

Alter Elbtunnel old Elbe car tunnel accessible by big elevators on each side ... or you walk ...

and ofc various shows like "The Lion King" and others!



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Re: So... Hamburg
« Reply #2 on: 01.03.2023, 15:26:11 »

Ich möchte den 'Dialog im Dunkeln' und 'Dialog im Stillen' empfehlen! Links unten!

I love to recommend the Dialoghaus (also in the Harbour area) to "see" Dialog in the Dark or "hear" Dialog in Silence.

It's an experience tour where you sense the world around from the POV of a person who can't see or can't hear.

Tickets need to be prebooked but are usually available easiy, also it's a very nice experience to do with your friends or a group of people you relate to!

Link: (English) (German)

They also have a Dark restaurant, but a (smaller) Dark cafe is already part of the tour you can book.


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Re: So... Hamburg
« Reply #3 on: 03.03.2023, 14:51:35 »

It's been a considerable time of millenia decades since I lived (more or less) in Hamburg but maybe some things did not change...
Already mentioned was the Elbphilharmonie. An impressive look from the outside, even more the inside, but if you want to take the tour you have to book in advance. If you want to listen to the actual philharmonic orchestra I strongly advise to order your ticket now - for EF 29.
Hagenbeck is one of (if not the) most famous german zoo but at least in the past they didn't like the word zoo. They used to have the slogan "Hamburg doesn't need a zoo - we have Hagenbeck's". But I don't know if they still use it.
If you're interested in old buildings have a look at the historical city hall. Build in the 19th century, but looks much older.  And of course some of the churches, with St. Michaelis the most prominent.
If you are an early riser you might want to visit the Fischmarkt (fish market, sundays only). But early really means early in this case - like 5 AM.
And of course the Reeperbahn, the center of world famous red light district.

I really can't say much about hte restaurants in the area. My Hamburg period is simply too long ago and I it was not exactly in this area, but obviously "Die Bullerei" is not too far away from the CCH. It's the restaurant of Tim Mälzer, one of the most popular german chefs (with his own tv-shows and all). Don't expect anything too fancy there, he never got a michelin star or something like that.
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