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Author Topic: Please help closing North America's biggest fur farm!  (Read 6431 times)


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this is a call for help.

Imagine 500 innocent foxes facing an imminent end... We have a chance to change their fate.

A lot of you probably have heard about Save A Fox - or at least have seen some of their videos that have gone viral (the fox stealing the iPhone and running away with it, for example).

They have saved a lot of foxes from North America's (probably) biggest fur farm. Mostly foxes that were too weak or too 'ugly' for breeding.
Right now this fur farm is in the process of closing. In the process, they plan to cull all of the around 500 foxes.

Save A Fox has made an oral agreement with the owner, who agreed to sell them the rest of the farm, including the cages and the foxes. And of course they need to raise money to properly care for the foxes, they need to hire vets and other staff, get property and build a huge amount of new enclosures and runs. For all of that they are looking to raise 700.000$. They are working out the legal paperwork with a lawyer at the moment, it even includes a clause which prevents the owner from ever farming animals again (hopefully, if all goes well).

In the past few days Save A Fox has already raised around 150.000$ with donations, but it's not enough. The deadline for the fur farm is November 1st.

We as furries have always had a big heart for animals, and it almost has become our custom to collect money for animal and wildlife charities at furry events. Please help, this is a really urgent matter! I'm not just asking for donations – even spreading the word, engaging in the social media posts, and letting the furry fandom and everybody else know about the urgency can make a huge difference!

Please spread the word, maybe push them as the charity for some furry events, engage and watch and like their posts, share their videos. It's the only chance to save those poor foxes.

What can you do:

We furries can absolutely help them on this mission!

Save A Fox is a nonprofit organization, with a team of around 30 people, including financial staff, their board, volunteers, helpers, etc.

Here's a Q&A with Mikayla who does almost all the social media stuff:
They already have two locations, one in Minnesota and one in Florida, but that's not enough to house 500 additional fox rescues.

Disclaimer: I have no connection with Save A Fox whatsoever, I'm just one of many many donors who wants to help them close this horrific fur farm, while sparing the 500 foxes from getting killed.

The clock is ticking! Each of us can make a difference. Let's come together and save these innocent animals.
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Update on fur farm rescue
« Reply #1 on: 28.10.2023, 00:19:34 »

Update on fur farm rescue:

The foxes are save, they have raised 400k, and bought the 500 foxes from the fur farm for 90k with a legal "no-farm clause", but they still need donations. They are still $300,000 short of their goal.

The foxes right now still live in the tiny cages. The males are getting neutered. And feeding 500 foxes costs about 65k/year.
Save A Fox is now looking for adopters / qualified facilities.
Please help and spread the word!

Maybe support them on Patreon
Share their videos, follow them on Facebook.

Thank you all!
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