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Author Topic: Fursuit props?  (Read 6286 times)


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Fursuit props?
« on: 25.06.2008, 12:09:14 »

Heya, I just thought I'd better ask in here BEFORE going out of my way and making things ;)

What is the policy in regards to fursuit props? Are items such as LARP weapons allowed at all? What about staves? Obviously, all "weapons" will have to be looked over by security but I would rather know the policy before making my item (which, for the record, is a simple lightweight wooden staff with decoration)

Dhary Montecore

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Re: Fursuit props?
« Reply #1 on: 25.06.2008, 18:04:16 »


Here you'll find your answers:,846.0.html

"As the rules of conduct say, every 'item' of this kind must be given 'green light' by the chief of consite security. Please ask registration staff at check-in or a member of security to give him a call upon your arrival. Security will keep a list of those persons and their 'items'. Individual members of the security team may re-check if you are on that list (and got the permission to carry that item) when they encounter you. And item that is a weapon, a weapon look-alike or toy weapon or that might pose a certain danger if it is used or carried, is subject to approval.

Items are likely to be approved if the following conditions are met:

    * It must be legal by German laws
    * Wearing / carrying (not necessarily using!) it in public must not pose an apparent danger to anyone
    * It should preferably ONLY be worn as part of a costume
    * The wearer declares himself responsible not to let anybody else handle the item without their direct supervision.
    * The item must be used only for decorational purposes (no swordfights or shootouts.)
    * The wearer must make an impression of being a reasonable person. (That means, if the chief of security does not like you, you're out of luck, no discussion.)

If your item fails to get the chief of security's approval, you are required to hand it over to security staff for safe keeping for the length of the convention. If you're being caught with an unapproved weapons or dangerous item, the chief of security has the right to exclude you from the convention and send you home immediately. And yes, depending on the severity of the case, he might actually do it. The same holds true if you break any of the above rules even if you have previously been approved.

For handling dangerous items at a stage event, panel, workshop or SIG, please also consult the manager of the particular event. Special permissions may be given for special occasions. Generally, there is no right to wear any kind of potentially dangerous item. It is a privilege and a matter of trust. So please take care."


Dhary Montecore


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Re: Fursuit props?
« Reply #2 on: 25.06.2008, 18:06:59 »

Thank you very much!
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