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Author Topic: Your Dealers' Den application confirmation  (Read 9488 times)


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Your Dealers' Den application confirmation
« on: 23.06.2010, 10:32:07 »


I am still getting the occassional email from dealers wondering if their application for space in the Dealers' Den was accepted or not.

TL;DR: Most likely yes. Wait until August for a definite answer.

Practically instantly after sending your email you should have got an automatic reply from the ticket system telling you that your email has been successfully received. This is the only response you are likely to get until the deadline for applications has passed on 1st of August, unless you didn't supply all necessary information.

If you didn't receive an automatic reply from the OTRS ticket system after sending your email, make sure you sent your application correctly to and the reply has not been devoured by your spam filter. If you applied for a table and cannot find this automatic reply, feel free to inquire!

I knowingly refrained from sending rather useless emails reading "Yes, I've got your application, and it's likely working out, but I cannot tell for sure, yet." after the first dozen applications, as it was really pointless in hindsight and just eating up time.

I cannot guarantee anyone a definite amount of table space until the registration deadline has passed in August, since it may be possible, although unlikely, that a bunch of applications pours in at the last minute, requiring me to rearrange everything and even snatch half a table here and there from already registered people to make some room. My goal is to allow as many dealers to sell their wares in the Den as possible, which trades in the ability to schedule way ahead of time for the necessary flexibility to make last-minute changes to the setup.

At the moment we're not at our limit, though, so everyone who applied so far can be "fairly sure" to get some tablespace, likely exactly the amount asked for.

However, my secondary priority is the perceived quality and public demand of wares sold. This can theoretically lead to a situation when a dealer applies very late, has some AWESOME stuff to sell, but all tables would be covered with the current applications. In that case it seems sensible to reduce some other dealers' table spaces to make room for these unique wares, to improve the Dealers' Den's quality as a whole for the guests. That's a rather hypothetical issue, though, but underlines the difficulty I have in guaranteeing any fixed amount of space at the present time.

Prepare your wares!
Even if you do not get all the table space you want, with a little ingenuity you can still sell half a truck's worth of wares with only half a table, it's just a bit more of a hassle. Not getting any table space at all seems highly unlikely as of now, as I'll do everything possible to prevent a waiting list from becoming necessary at all.

Shortly after the deadline (1st of August) has passed, every registered dealer will receive their respective current status by email, and the setup will be discussed in a dedicated thread here.

Best regards,
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