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Author Topic: Attention please, attention please!  (Read 49071 times)


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Re: Attention please, attention please!
« Reply #45 on: 05.01.2007, 16:23:13 »

THATS the reason why i wont do ANY job at EF any more :)
been through it. got the t-shirt.

I wasn't going to comment in this thread, but this remark offends me. To clarify this to everyone who reads this: Lions doesn't do "any jobs" at EF any more, because I clearly told him quite a while ago that his service is no longer required in a responsibile position. Lions, you're welcome to visit Eurofurence as a guest, maybe help out as a gopher, and I don't hold any bad grudges against you. Please just don't go around, and talk like you do, because if you don't receive any thankful comments, that's not caused by anything but your own behaviour, even though you might not see it that way.

(That's all I'm going to say, it's already way too personal, but I didn't see any way to clear this up without getting as specific as I did, sorry.)

Case closed.
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