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Author Topic: The Single Room Issue  (Read 11439 times)


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The Single Room Issue
« on: 23.02.2009, 17:42:27 »

Hello everyone!

We have made a mistake, and unfortunately, we need your help to fix it. The problem is the unusually large number of single room bookings we got this year. Last year, we received  about 10 single room bookings. So we didn't see any reason not to offer this option again this year. However, something totally unexpected happened: On the first day of registration, we received more than 50 single room registrations.  This means we could be loosing up to 150 spaces in the worst case, which is way too much. If we had been able to anticipate this sudden rise in demand for single rooms, we would not have offered this option in the first place.

The current situation is clearly our own fault, and we are very sorry. We can hardly blame the people who chose a single room, because it was legitimately offered alongside all the other options. However, we're in a situation of severe overbooking and we really need those 150 potential spaces back. Unfortunately that means we will have to retroactively limit the number of available single rooms, even if it means disappointing those who booked them. We are really sorry about that, but we think the greater good outweights the individual inconvenience in this case.

Now this is what is going to happen next:

  • Single rooms will be limited to less than 10 rooms total.
  • We would like to ask everyone who has booked a single room to downgrade to at least a double room. If you do not know who to share the room with, please use the roomsharing message board to find a roommate, or ask reg staff to assign someone for you.
  • If you want to keep your single room, you need to give us a very good reason. The few available single rooms will be given to those who have the most pressing reasons.
  • Those who have requested a single room, and fail to contact us about it, will remain on the waiting list indefinitely.

We are also trying to work out an option to possibly transfer single room reservations to the overflow hotel at no extra cost, but since our contract with the Golden Tulip hasn't been signed yet it's probably better not to hold your breath. I can't yet make any promise whether it will be possible or not.

Thank you for your consideration, and again sorry for the inconvenience!

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