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Sep 18 – 21, 2024
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Author Topic: Big thank you to the fursuit team (Also complaints and feedback now ;-) )  (Read 32698 times)

Jake R

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Re: Big thank you to the fursuit team
« Reply #30 on: 30.08.2013, 21:48:32 »

Your wish is my command, and this shall now be the general feedback thread including suggestions and complaints.

Truly sorry I joined in on that earlier, I forgot what the topic was and just read the 'Feedback' in the breadcrumbs up top... ^_^'

Regarding the missing chairs: they might've stood next to the clocks* and fourth water barrel that were also missing. Those were clearly marked as well for as far as I know. I did hear something about there being problems with the storage location that were out of our hands. So I am not sure, but at least there's reason to assume the donation wasn't simply discarded or ignored. =)

Some other things that were mentioned to me in the fursuit lounge, just to get them out of the way:
  • A more powerful (or less leaky) suit blower, rather than simply more blowers: I was shown a vid of a construction they had at Confuzzled (?) this year, which apparently dries suits faster than our system. Reducing the amount of time a suit needs to be on there to dry might improve the circulation. At least, that is what I was told.
  • "More coatracks for dry suits" was another suggestion that was mentioned... although to be honest, there should not be many people without a hotel room next year, and as such pretty much everybody should be able to take dry suits up to their room.
  • This one's my personal pet-peeve of the year, and although it's my own personal opinion I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one thinking this: No more balaclavas on the backs of fans. Apparently, someone got the big blower to grind to a stop because a balaclava got sucked in. Luckily, no real damage was done, but that could've been different. I wasn't happy with stuff on the back of fans to start with, but once that happened I simply started removing everything from the back of that thing. The blowers are intended for the suiters, not for parts of your suit - there's other things for that. Even if you just stick things to it that are too big to get sucked in like paws, you're still blocking the airflow for its intended purpose. And seriously, if you can't wait for your balaclava to dry? Bring more than one, they're not that expensive. Or at the very least, please don't risk ruining those very expensive blowers? Thanks... </rant>

* (I bought the 'new' clocks that were in the FL this year in the Kaufland on Thursday or something after being pointed out the lack of clocks. Please, if anyone ever sees a minor thing like that they feel is missing in the fursuit lounge? Tell a fursuit support team member. If we think it's a good idea and we can fix it right then and there, perhaps we will. ^_^)
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1. I can truly say that for me, this years Wednesday was the very best 1. EF day ever! The zoo event + the flash mob just rocked, and were both really well organised:
- loads of drinking water in the zoo, a guarded changing room, creating a compound with suiters, well chosen parade route, beeing spontaneous about the bus trips back to the hotel to satisfy all suiters, building a "follow me" sign in case furries had to use the tram, advertising the event so that visitors came just to see us... what can I say? Thank you so much for it!
- enormous security support when walking to and within the shopping centre, excellent choice of music to perform and dance on, getting 500 bucks for charity out of it, having our own escalator... wow! Big round of applause!

2. Congratulations on the fursuit parade. First, I was shocked by so many spectators, but when the walking areas became more spacy I really enjoyed all the attention and thus the positive feedback or general notion of the fandom:
- Advertising it early and broadly was a good thing to do!
- I always felt secure and taken care of, no matter how deep the crowds or how broad the roads.
- I was offered a good supply of drinking water and straws when I needed them, thank's guys! Could not have done it without you :)
- Again, the route was wisely chosen: suiters who were not able to walk the entire round could easily take a short cut back to the hotel

3. Fursuitlounge: The effort you guys put into that room before, during and after the con just leaves me speachless. A++ from my side, and a humble bow on top of that. You rock! Please keep up your outstanding work!



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This was the first EF with a suit for me. In general my impression has been overwhelmingly positive. food (salty AND sweet) was always there, water and EF green always there. fans working all the time. properly LONG STRAWS available at all times.

Yes, sometimes the drinks were colder than what I would call "comfortable" - I just drank them slowly :)
One (maybe) thing that could be improved: operating the taps for the drinks. I know I could have asked some humans to help me, but I just did it myself every time, and often I was afraid of not being able to close the tap in time and/or not being able to easily open it completely. (as I said, it was just a VERY MINOR annoyance)

I cannot really comment on the drying system as I never used it (I had some smaller fans in my room), but it looked awesome :)

having EF green and water during the parade was kinda unexpected and very appreciated!
maybe next year you can put some "refreshing stations" in fixed predetermined places in the parade (and advertise so in the posters/leaflets), so that suiters know that they will be taken care of.

big thumbs up to the fursuit team!


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Even though I've already commented on the general feedback thread, after seeing all that discussion here I'll repeat myself and issue a huge thank you to the Fursuit team and everyone involved, you folks did an amazing job! Given the amount of Fursuiters at the convention (~650? More?) it's saddening that only a fraction takes the time to stop by and say "thank you".

Maybe I look at "conventions" in a different way? When they're small, they're a gatherings of people with common interests, some volunteering to make it happen, and everyone paying their share (money, yup!) to cover the costs required to make the event possible, just like you hold a barbecue and everyone contributes something of their own; some salad here, some drinks there. Just because this convention is noticeably bigger than a BBQ meet in the park doesn't mean the spirit changes and everything automatically turns into a paid service. What's volunteer work is still volunteer work, and if you'd only get "what you pay for" I fear EF would be a rather boring event.

Yes, the dryer/hanger slots were used up rather quickly, and it was difficult to get one; I was happy when I did, and the day I did not find any spare ones I took my suit into my room, opened the window and hung it up on a regular coathanger over the window frame, and... it dried! More Sagrotan/Febreeze? Until the week-end I didn't even realize those were *provided* - I brought my own stuff, and assumed someone else forgot their spray on the table, which is why I didn't even think of using it, nor even consider the option that actually was provided for free (because those cost money, too, right? At least, last time I picked one up at the local mall I had to pay for it). As for all other "problems" (lack of filled cups, straws, too many obstacles, too many people), well... I'm pretty new to suiting and not that "pro" yet, so most of the time I had a friend with me who helped me out, solving all those little problems easily. They also took some awesome pictures and enjoyed themselves as much as I did, and in return I enjoyed inviting them for a drink in the evening. Teaming up is a wonderful thing; makes life much more enjoyable, matches the spirit of such a convention in my opinion, and everything is more fun if you're not doing it alone. If all one is out for is a personal walk of fame with all spotlights directed at them, not to be shared with anyone, then I guess a lot of those details indeed could use some improvements.

In closing, with no further sarcasm: Once again, thanks to everyone who made this happen. It's been a blast for me - and I'm looking forward to next year. :3

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Jake R

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More Sagrotan/Febreeze? Until the week-end I didn't even realize those were *provided* - I brought my own stuff, and assumed someone else forgot their spray on the table, which is why I didn't even think of using it, nor even consider the option that actually was provided for free[...]

Good point, actually. Do we need to mark these as "provided for free by EF (but please don't take them home)" more clearly? That's another suggestion I was given by someone somewhere sometime (and again, I completely forgot who).
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I soon have to get fursuit just to get access to fursuit lounge :D People are talking about EF green and how great the lounge is and how you get to know people there, that I feel I'm missing half of the con :)


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I soon have to get fursuit just to get access to fursuit lounge :D People are talking about EF green and how great the lounge is and how you get to know people there, that I feel I'm missing half of the con :)
Sure, we have a whole friggin' party in there :3 And the EF green is just another word for that awesome golf course at our disposal : D
- fursuiters need to relax every now and then ;)
Sorry, I couldn't resist! XD


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Again, thanks for both. Saying thank you, and for constructive feedback.
If only everyone was as mindful, our "job" would be even easier :-)

Hm, let's try this.. I'll address one of the mentioned issues, and you, the attending community help us solve it :-)

Situation: Basicaly a fursuit lounge is a changing room with a blower and a water dispenser. ..Ok, Eurofurences lounge is a bit more than that ;-) Some acknowledge that, but most just take it for granted.
So.. first issue:

Febreeze & Sagrotan disinfectent:
Yes, they cost quite some money, and seeing it from this angle, I suddenly realize why people didn't notice they might be free for use. Pointing that out might help, yes.
Last year though I've put all 30 (!!) bottles and cans out, on the tables during the first day. So it was more obvious. The result though, was that 90% of the people just though "oh, there's plenty enough of it" and threw half full cans in the corners, under the tables or took them to their room.

Lotsa visibility: People take it for granted ---vs --- less bottles and people do not notice them any more

Well, I'm sure most of you do like the free extra service, but you now also see my problem.
Could a central "help-yourself-point" help ? it could, if people in masses we not unmindfull.
within 30 minutes the bottles would be everywhere in the lounge, or in private rooms... and almost no one would put them back.

So, dear community, please help solving the first problem.
We have about 20 more of them waiting for you.

Yours, GLaDOS err.. Mystifur.

P.S.: The green is a lie.
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Febreeze & Sagrotan disinfectent [...]

The key is communication.

I'd say mark the bottles with a big green EF sticker that says "Free for use if you run out! Please keep on the tables in the fursuit lounge!".

When it runs out or people steal them - too bad, can't be helped. But I somehow doubt they will.
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