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Author Topic: Sad news about Kacey Miyagami - Your help needed!  (Read 33150 times)


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Re: Sad news about Kacey Miyagami - Your help needed!
« Reply #30 on: 05.10.2007, 19:20:44 »

oh yes, i remember that badge. she does too. had to send it too you after the con as you missed picking it up. not the first  time that happened, and will probably not be the last. but, it does make you memorable. which is probably a good thing, since there are tons and tons of people kacey and i meet at conventions, and to remember anyone really means they have done something right, or wrong, or just were someone we like.
we appreciate your gesture.

you are one of those 'done something right' and 'we like you' kind of people. does not matter to me if you are con chair of ef or not you know? i like you just the same. and you and i must do a repeat of our time at ef.

it is okay, if people think it is about money. we do not mind.
we just, do not want anyone fighting because of us.

but you do sound all kinds of noble stepping up and defending her like that. kind of cool if you want to know the truth.

thank you, and would you be so kind as to email me. i only have email for tani, not you, and i would like to talk with you. nothing special, just talk, please.

it is okay, really. when i met kacey, just over ten years ago, my english skills were nothing worth talking about. five years ago, i was still struggling with how to deliver messages. i knew what i wanted to say, but what i said, and what people heard, were two different things. it was quite a nightmare sometimes.
kacey and i try to find positive in everything we deal with every day. we are thankful he likes her work enough to buy a print, and to have gotten a badge from her. we do not wish any of that to cause anyone any kind of negative emotion.

every one
i guess what i am trying to say is, please, do not fight. not over kacey. she works very hard to not be involved in any fandom drama. the last time she was she was dragged so deep into it that six years later she still can not get away from it. and, i do not like to see people fighting either.

please, it is okay, really.
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Re: Sad news about Kacey Miyagami - Your help needed!
« Reply #31 on: 05.10.2007, 19:27:04 »

I would have to agree. It's not my intention to ruffle feathers or make anyone "on-edge."

In any case, if what I said has bothered anyone, I sincerely apologize. This is a place of peace, and I would like for this place to continue to be that way.
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