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Sep 18 – 21, 2024
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Author Topic: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup  (Read 15135 times)


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Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
« on: 31.08.2008, 21:35:29 »

Hi Folks,

this is the official round-up thread for the Video Game Developers Roundtable; basically the "who were all these people, and what was left to say?" thread.

I counted 35 Furs sitting or standing in the SIG room, which exceeded even my 'best case' attendance estimates by 15%. Whee! Thanks to all of you for taking the time at the con and making the Roundtable a success.

Well, this is me:
Moritz Voss, aka: Thygrrr
I develop Mobile Games for GmbH in Giebelstadt, Germany. You can find my business credentials in my networking profile, and you can contact me privately via email at or via ICQ UIN 32366353. :)

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Thygrrr Darkfurre


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Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
« Reply #1 on: 01.09.2008, 10:08:32 »

Hi there,

I'm Marc Appelsmeier (aka: Liam)
Currently I'm on an internship at Trinigy and you can find me in linkedin  ;)

Contact via ICQ is also possible via 147058937

See you ^^


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Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
« Reply #2 on: 03.09.2008, 11:31:41 »


My name is Wendel Schaatsbergen and I'm currently working as a freelancer on projects that use Trinigy's Vision engine.

I'm on LinkedIn and on messengers MSN ( and ICQ (18944015).



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Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
« Reply #3 on: 03.09.2008, 14:14:12 »

(removed) aka CodeCat, coding and programming fanatic, somewhat experienced, worked on a few game mods in the past. Currently involved with Sigma Invasion, which is a mod-turned-indie-game still in an early-ish development stage.

MSN and email:
AIM and Yahoo: codecat42
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Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
« Reply #4 on: 03.09.2008, 23:34:34 »

Although i wasn't there (sleeping >.<)....

I'm Zion, and i'm currently a freelance 3D graphics artist working with BlueHell Productions and Apocalypse Rising.

My main area is building exteriors and interiors, unwrapping, texturing, and implimentation.

Feel free to contact me or visit either websites. ^^


Sirana J. Helena

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Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
« Reply #5 on: 04.09.2008, 21:12:01 »

Hello (again),

I'm Susanne (Sirana J. Helena) and I was there to get deeper information about the work in this industry. From the 1st of octobre 2008 I'll study "game design" on a private german school in Berlin, the "Mediadesign Hochschule", short: "MD.H". (Maybe the german furs may know it).
The most interesting parts for me were the parts of the authors and artists. Until EF. After I heard that these may be the most unthankful jobs in the game industry I was/am a little scared of them.

There will be other jobs to do there and I just don't know the majority yet. I can't speak Pascal, C, C++, Klingon etc fluently yet just because I had no real possibility to learn it. The lessons I had in high school were a little bit weird because of our teacher who knew much more about informatics than teaching this to his students. To keep it short: We didn't learn nothing helpful and because of other subjects I had no time to teach it myself.
But programming, creating maps and other more technical stuff still sounds interesting for me and maybe I will become a real geek in my time in Berlin. Who knows.. :)
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