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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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 on: 08.08.2022, 08:18:32 
Started by Cheetah - Last post by Haku

Start will be around 10:00 with Breakfast and 11:00 with actual work. (both days, Saturday and Sunday).
Saturday has Catering at 18:00 and we will stay until around midnight.
Sunday has only Breakfast, no second food break, and will end at about 16:00-ish?
We will have enough water, coffee, and softdrinks on site.

Stuff that you can bring with you:

Working Gloves
Sunscreen lotion / a hat (depending on weather, because we will work inside and outside) / something to wear if it gets colder in the night
a mask for spraypainting / glueing (...these days everybody has some FFP 2^^)
Snacks & Drinks if you want to have anything else than the stuff we provide
a Multitool / knife can come in handy if you have one
Clothes / shoes that can get dirty and can even get a permanent paint stain...
if you bring equipment / tools mark them with your name, people tend to use them and everything gets mixed up quickly

Oh, and please bring a plate and cuttlery for breakfast / Catering if you can so we can reduce the usage of cardboard and plastic stuff (but we will have them on site as a backup for you)

 on: 07.08.2022, 17:19:42 
Started by Suran - Last post by Suran

I organize the yearly recording and editing of the Paw Pet Show recording.
While the great crew of EF-Prime has the momentous task of covering all of EF without pause and doing that live, without mistakes.
We have the advantage of preparing half a year for a single show and taking well over a year to produce the best show we possibly can.
Tweaking every cut, fine-tuning the colours, light and grain. Re-doing the entire sound for the vastly different environment of a home cinema as opposed to a stage.
For that we temporarily add some additional film equipment that is made for very different workflows then live TV.
People with a passion for amateur cinema and film production get a chance to see their handywork or at least the shiny equipment they are proud of used to the best of all our abilities.

Organising that means a lot of organisation, asking for help and equipment, finding ways to combine all the cool stuff that people offer and a ton of logistics.
And as a reward you get to be part of something great and as a bonus even get to play around with fancy stuff that you otherwise only get to see on youtube
reports of NAB ...and of cause get to show off your own skills and fancy toys you are eager to use in earnest.

One part of this job is to actually set up all the fancy equipment in front of the stage.
That means a lot of cables on Tuesday or Thursday night (the easy part)
but also moving in all the shiny cameras, lenses, recorders and other temporary video equipment,
placing them where they are supposed to be, connecting everything up and giving them a test.

Of cause you could go on and operate any of them yourself.
A moving camera with a steady hand given a heads-up on upcoming events by interkom,
a stationary camera requiring just focus and a change in exposure every now and then
or actually just sit back in the audience, choosing not to know a single thing about the script
before you watch it life for the first time. (Without having to wait in the queue and dips on any seat.)

That second part with setting up all that shiny tech always happens on Saturday. Before the closing ceremory.
There is way more time allowed for it then we have ever needed. No rush.
It's all sorted and labeled and packed ahead of EF for every position.
The cables have already been put place two days earlier and tested on the rehersal the day before.
All the setup-positions are already agreed uppond with the stage management and temporary camera-podests show up out of nowhere.
But.... it will always be at the same time as Dealers Den.
So as the one who organises it, I can not be present.
I can only be a few doors away with a radio or phone, ready to answer questions.

I'm looking for a volunteer who can help me do this.
I like to work hard but I can't be in two places at once every year and could really need a second in command, so to speak.
Since EF is coming up, I wanted to post this early as there will be an obvious opportunity for me to not only tell but show.

One part we're surpsisingly always in need of are people who can watch the semi-final show serveral times...
and give specific feedback about improving our editing (timing and chosen camera angles) and colour grading.
The shows are so good, most people simply get cought up in the great story until the credits roll and totally forget
about feedback. ;)

It is for this task, that we are always looking for volunteers.
Given the stress of the upcomming EF, it's best to contact me about this one after the convention. ;)

 on: 07.08.2022, 11:12:14 
Started by Cheetah - Last post by Dunkelpfote
Hello everyone!

Got two quick questions as a first-timer: Is there a rough time when we should appear on Saturday so to not miss anything and is there anything we should bring besides our will to work?  :)

Thanks and see you Saturday!

 on: 07.08.2022, 11:07:54 
Started by Cheetah - Last post by ScoutVanHowlen

In case you are still looking for more helpers, I’d like to join in, too.

Basically, I could just copy Dunkelpfote’s post: I have used most tools described above before and, while not being a professional craftsman, I think I could lend you a paw. I’m ready to learn what I don’t know yet and I pick up things rather quickly.
Accommodation would not be necessary for me, as I live nearby.

This would be my first time, too, so I’d be glad for a little assistance at the beginning.  :)

 on: 06.08.2022, 12:09:35 
Started by Yarac - Last post by xtorbenx
im interested if this is still available,
im in berlin 24-28.
my telegram is @xtorbenx

 on: 05.08.2022, 21:16:00 
Started by Jean Wolfie - Last post by Jean Wolfie
Hey all,

My roomie just cancelled his Attendance for the EF, so I am now looking for someone to take his place in our room.

I am a 26 old male Fursuiter, non-smoking, quite open and fun-loving, quite tidy, no problem with room visits.

The room is booked from the 23rd to the 29th of August, if you have interest or have questions, just hit me up on telegram.


 on: 03.08.2022, 11:00:03 
Started by Drachetto - Last post by Drachetto
Join the Telegram group and the Facebook event for all the updates!

-When will the photoshoot be held?
Sat. 27 at 12:00

-Who can join?
For the shoots, dragons and dragon-hybrids ONLY (we will check it before to take the pictures).
Photographers and dragon fans are welcome to join ^^

-I don't have a fursuit, can I join?
Y-E-S! That's an event for ALL dragons! We will take 2 pictures, a first one with fursuits only and a second one with all dragon furries mixed together!

-Where will the photoshoot be held?
Outside, underneath the Rotunda of the Estrel hotel.
In the Estrel's Rotunda

-Official Photographer:
If somebody could be interested to spend some times with dragons please let me know here or by PM.
Blackymoon (Thank you!)

Please spread the voice about the photoshoot to all dragons you know!

See you there! *RAWR*

Pics of the previous EF25 Dragons Photoshoot:

 on: 01.08.2022, 04:41:58 
Started by Kuma - Last post by NightHawk
Oh well that's perfectly fine to me. I did expect a mask mandates for all the small panel rooms. I'm kinda surprised that isn't the case (yet)

 on: 31.07.2022, 22:38:10 
Started by Kuma - Last post by Dingo
Hey there,

as already stated in today's eMail to all attendees, (as of now) there will be a mask mandate in the following rooms:

Dealers' Den
Art Show
Art Auction
Registration (Queue and room Paris/Lyon)

We strongly suggest wearing face masks in all indoor areas of the hotel.

This list can be extended prior the convention as well as during the convention, based on risk assessments.


Hallo zusammen,

wie auch der heutigen eMail an alle Teilnehmer zu entnehmen ist, wird (zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt) eine vollständige Maskenpflicht in folgenden Räumen bestehen:

Dealers' Den
Art Show
Art Auction
Registration (Warteschlange und Raum Paris/Lyon)

In allen anderen Räumen des Hotels gilt eine dringende Empfehlung zum Tragen von Mund-Nasen-Masken.

Diese Liste kann sich vor der Veranstaltung und auch während der Veranstaltung, basierend auf den jeweiligen Risikoeinschätzungen, jedoch erweitern.



 on: 31.07.2022, 19:38:55 
Started by o'wolf - Last post by o'wolf
We have updated our policies to minimize the risk of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infections. While we expect them to be final, changes of federal and local regulations can occur at any time, requiring changes on short notice. We will provide an update in that case. You can always find our latest version of the policy at

The gist

You will have to be fully vaccinated to provide complete immunisation against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). You will need to prove your vaccination status with a EU Digital COVID Certificate (or the compatible Swiss certificate) or your national equivalent, e.g., UK vaccination certificate, CDC card.

The requirement to present a certified negative SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) test at convention check-in has been dropped. There are simply not enough certified test facilities left in Berlin.

The mask mandate has been updated. Wearing a mask at all times is mandatory in certain areas. At the time of writing, these areas are the Dealers' Den, the Art Show, the Art Auction and the convention check-in. Please wear a mask in all public areas to protect yourself and others.

Travel advisory

While Germany, at the time of writing, has no Covid-19 related travel restrictions, transiting via other EU or Schengen associated countries may be limited. Please refer to for  details. Also check if your vaccination is still valid in those countries, if a proof of vaccination is required for transit. Note that EU recommendations regarding the vaccination validity differ from German regulations.

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