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Eurofurence 26 — "Welcome to Tortuga"
Estrel Congress Center Berlin
July 28 – August 1, 2021
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 on: 22.01.2020, 22:36:56 
Started by Draco Agamicus - Last post by Draco Agamicus
Hellooo I put this here on because Im looking for a room in the Estrel Hotel.
Means someone who is ready to share these days with me

Im very Tidy at the most time.
I showering everyday or twice when i had more activities in heat and in Suit
Im Suiter but have it at most in Dealers den
Room Partys are nothing for me my room is almost for resting and taking medics or sleep .  the most time  Im out
 I stay from 18th till 24th of August 2020

I hope I find someone :) 

 on: 21.01.2020, 14:13:50 
Started by NeverFear - Last post by Fineas
Welcome Nev,
my personal advice would be "let it happen"
you will get a pocket guide and a con book at registration, have a look at those, but don't plan anything solid.
As in do not attempt to plan your day back to back, I would suggest you just mark some things of interest and decide on them from time to time on a day on the spot.
Personally I share the view that it is very hard to actually get to all the things I want to go to (on time) with all the other nice spontaneous things popping up.

And go "taste", just try some panels, events, gatherings and function rooms (like the dealers den), try walk in there and see if it is something for you.
Maybe some events benefit from a more closed social gathering, but on average just walking in and walking out is a very normal thing to do and gives you a chance to "see what it is about" and a next time you might want to attend the full experience. Some events like a fire pit (if weather permits it) and Game Corner happen multiple days for example.

Maybe search out some people, suiters, people drinking and if you feel comfortable with them, ask them if you want to share some lunch, dinner or some of the open events and dances.
You will be surprised to find what Berlin has to offer and what experiences you can enjoy that are not organized directly by the con.

And if you feel like having some more quiet time, stroll through the art show in between.
Or chat up some of the volunteers, assuming they have the time they will tell you about places of interest nearby to go to and enjoy.

 on: 21.01.2020, 00:05:48 
Started by Zicky - Last post by Zicky
Hi there ARF!

For the 3rd Year in a row. I Was unlucky not get a room at Estrel.. So now i hope i can find someone who wanna room with a puppy in the main hotel Estrel :3.

Info about me.

I Am a 26 year old male. From Denmark, I Do not snore, or smoke. And i would like as the only requirement for my room mate. That u didnt smoke (Insde our room at least). Beside that i dont has nothing else really.

I Normally is up very late to like 4-5-6 AM. But i am very sneaky when i go to bed :3. I Has attended EF 4 Years in a row now. I Do speak Danish and English. I Will ofcause pay half of the room :3

If u has any other questions. Dont hesitate contact me.

Either do it on here. Or my Twitter or Telegram which both is ZickySodaPup

Thank You!. And i hope u pick me as our room mate :3

 on: 20.01.2020, 20:48:35 
Started by KibaIB - Last post by KibaIB
Heya! Friendly wolf here looking for a room at Estrel hotel.

It's my first time going to EF so was hoping to be able to stay at the main hotel if possible.

I don't smoke or drink, clean and respectful.

Please message me on telegram (@kiba32) or twitter (

Thanks a lot :)

 on: 20.01.2020, 20:38:19 
Started by Dannie - Last post by Dannie
Was not really planning on doing EF this year. But it is now on my list to do XD.

Of course changing my mind at the later date has made me miss out for the room que. And hence looking for a room.

A friendly welsh fursuiter looking for a room at the Estrel. It pretty flexible with date.
A little about me
I will be turning the big 30 this year... help me. I do not smoke nor do I snore. but am heavy breath dependant on sleeping position. All I would be using the room for is sleeping and general suiting. Besides that I will be out and about. Would like to find a chilled and relaxed person.

An experience con attendee so willing to work around to try to find a room. I am pretty outgoing and relaxed.

So if anyone can offer a room for this welsh floof I would happily like to know from you. Fingers crossed to hear off someone.

And thank you for reading this little message.

 on: 20.01.2020, 19:38:54 
Started by zethariel - Last post by zethariel
Roommate found!

 on: 20.01.2020, 18:54:00 
Started by zethariel - Last post by zethariel
EDIT: Roommate found!


I was lucky enough to get a room, and for whatever reason I was given a double, so why not share it ^^

18th-24th August

- Please don't smoke and don't plan parties in the room
- I'm fine with drinking as long as it's done in moderation
- The room will smell strongly of my fursuit spray (coconuts)
- I am told I snore sometimes (described as "eldrich incantations")

Other than that I tend to keep to myself, will most likely be fursuiting all day so the room will be empty most of the time.

If you're okay with the above, contact me on Telegram: @CoconutFox :)

 on: 20.01.2020, 17:53:02 
Started by Nowi - Last post by Nowi
Hey there, possible roomie!

I'm a 22 years old male from Finland. I didn't have any luck with booking a room so now I'm looking for a main hotel room to stay at during the con.
I'm a non-smoker myself but don't mind if the roomie(s) isn't. I consider myself as a party dog during cons though so I do drink and might stay up quite late ^^'

I don't snore at all so I won't make too much noise. I'm a chill guy in general so I won't cause any actual trouble!
I'd prefer to have a room from early arrival to late departure as mentioned but only main days works perfectly fine for me too.

If you have a spot and are interested, contact me on Telegram @GreenSnootDog and we'll see if we get along well enough.

Since I also mentioned that I'm a fursuiter, I guess it's only fair to show a picture too even though I'd have a completely new head for the con!

 on: 20.01.2020, 17:51:08 
Started by Twillight - Last post by Dragon
After some research it seems Microsoft put the whole AS of my hoster on a blacklist. While it worked fine in the past 6 years, it killed the registration for me this year.

 on: 20.01.2020, 16:06:08 
Started by Otakuwolf - Last post by Pakz
Alright, they got my mail-address wrong, fixed now ^^

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