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Eurofurence 25 "Fractures in Time" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 14-18, 2019Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: 07.03.2019, 22:00:08 
Started by Zicky - Last post by Zicky
*Sighs* Look like i arent going to EF This year for the first time in 4 years.

 on: 05.03.2019, 23:37:47 
Started by Lucer - Last post by Lucer
Hey im Lucer a purple cinnamon fox that search a room in estrel, early and late would be nice but I take others to.
Im 20 years old male and come from Switzerland.
I do not want to go to a second hotel as it's simply impractical as a suiter.
Of course, I take 50% of the cost of the room.
My Twitter is @Lucer_galaxy
And telegram @lucer_fox

 on: 27.02.2019, 14:22:38 
Started by Bolt Cuddlefur - Last post by Bolt Cuddlefur
Heya, I'm selling a Standart Convention Ticket and a Stage Ticket.

Would say for 110€ its yours. If you are interested write a comment below this tread or hit me up on Telegram.

Yours, Bolt.

/=== SOLD ===/

 on: 27.02.2019, 08:10:52 
Started by Reo Grayfox - Last post by Reo Grayfox
Hello there all,
Yes, like many others, I have reg-ed but, failed to get a room or even get on the wait list. So, I am looking for room space at the Estrel. This would be the first time I have ever been to EF and I want to do it right by being at the Estrel!   :- )

I am a suiter, well mannered ...yes, Americans can actually be that way!  ;- )   Clean and tidy. If you need a roomie you can depend on being respectful and courteous, let me know.

Thank You

 on: 26.02.2019, 12:06:50 
Started by Noiratblack - Last post by Noiratblack
Hey there.
I found out two days ago, that I won't be able to come to the EF sadly and will sell my ticket. It's a normal ticket with Stage Ticket for 95€. If someone is interested, please note me at Telegram or FA. Nickname on both: Noiratblack

EDIT: Sold

 on: 26.02.2019, 00:05:43 
Started by Macbeth - Last post by Macbeth
Hi there, due to some insecurities with my financial situation for the past 2 months I didn't manage to pay for Eurofurence yet.

I now have the means to pay for it, but it's stated as "due before 26.01.2019"

Do i simply pay the amount with the ususal/same information that the site is still providing me? (Will be using money transfer as I do not own a credit card). Or do i have to somehow re-register in some way of form? (Also, I do not have a room in estrel if that is of any importance).

 on: 24.02.2019, 16:07:54 
Started by Spinal22 - Last post by Spinal22
Bump. I'm still looking for a room in Estrel. :)

 on: 24.02.2019, 01:24:27 
Started by DelphinZeta - Last post by DelphinZeta
I need to bump this because the first person who offered to share the room (and costs) later found that he can't make it.

 on: 19.02.2019, 17:56:59 
Started by Won Xi - Last post by Won Xi
As we didn't manage to get a room in the main hotel this year, my mate and I are selling our tickets (normal convention ticket + stage ticket) for 95€ each.
If you're interested feel free to contact us by PM or on Telegram: @wonxi and @cLxJaguar

 on: 19.02.2019, 11:20:17 
Started by Beato - Last post by Beato
If you looking for a Eurofurence Ticket, you can message me via the Forum or via Telegram @ItzzBeato.
It's the normal Ticket and the Stage Ticket which i would sell for 95€.
Don't be shy and write me :)

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