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Eurofurence 26 — "Welcome to Tortuga"
Estrel Congress Center Berlin
August 19-23, 2020
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 on: 29.03.2020, 20:37:53 
Started by Bariki - Last post by Bariki
Hello everyone,

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is seriously threatening our chosen charity for this year, the Cheetah Preservation Foundation ( With their country in lockdown, the CPF is in dire need of funds, their income slashed by the crisis. They are desperate for help. All our help.

To this end, we have started a GoFundMe campaign ( to help raise money to meet our charity’s immediate needs before they are forced to make difficult and unpleasant choices. We chose GoFundMe because it is quick, easy and simple to use by virtually everyone in the world. Please, please share this link with your friends and family so that we can get urgently needed help to some of the innocent victims of this crisis who can’t help themselves.

There is also a boost for every act of generosity. Your help counts for double! Every dollar raised by this campaign will be matched 1:1 by LinkedIn (up to $14,500). That means we can make a huge difference here - with your compassion and support.

We know that times are tough for all of us right now, but we ask that you give whatever you can spare to help our charity through this crisis. Every donation will make a difference. You don’t even have to give cash right now. Got a talent for art? Can you make a must-have fursuit? We’ll accept the proceeds from sales of your incredible and varied talents if you are willing to donate your time and effort to help us out. We’ll also give shoutouts for folks that go out of their way to be creative in their giving. ;)

If you have any questions, or if you would like to help out with this campaign, please feel free to reach out to me or email

Thanks for being what make this fandom great,


 on: 29.03.2020, 17:19:11 
Started by Zryder - Last post by Zryder
Sadly my situation right now isn´t the best and I won´t be able to attend EF this year, will shoot for the next one!

If you are interested here is my contact info and we can discuss things further:
Discord: Zryder ᵘʷᵘ#3396
Telegram: Zryderuwu

 on: 26.03.2020, 17:32:03 
Started by JumpyD - Last post by JumpyD
And I am asking again. Once again zero luck with roomfinding x-x

 on: 24.03.2020, 01:56:32 
Started by Sushi The Opossum - Last post by Sushi The Opossum
Hello there :)

As you readet by the title im looking for a room at EF haha...
Maybe you have a room at Estrel and you search for someone to share it with? Or you have an open space i could join in?
 I know im maaaybe a bit too late xD call me lazy haha.. but with all the Stuff thats going on right now i dont want to stress xD

My plan is to stay from the 17 to the 24! But i can adjust the time and date^^ and i can pay additional fees if there are any :)
Theres not allot about me to tell xD
Im a relaxed, open mindet shy opossum from switzerland, i speak english and german, also im a very spiritual person and very much queer! im a fursuiter, i own a sergal fursuit which i love very much :3 so i will be around fursuiting allot xD i will spend most of my time hanging with close friends but i am very open to talk to new people ^^ im just quiet reserved and need some time to open up about myself but i dont mind make new friends at all :>
I do like music allot, my favorites being retro wave, synthwave, hip hop, psytrance and reggaeton :> but im very open for everything :) im a smoker but i dont drink alcohol^^

I hope someone maybe has a place free for me :)
You can poke me via email of via Telegramm @SushiTheOpossum

Wish yall a safe and happy day :D

Om shanti

 on: 22.03.2020, 23:00:45 
Started by HoneyWolf - Last post by Crow3000
i wish Good Luck that you get a Room Place. I hope that the EF will not canceled ,because Covid-19.

 on: 22.03.2020, 20:36:42 
Started by HoneyWolf - Last post by HoneyWolf
Hi everyone ,
I was unlucky not get a room at Estrel. So now i hope i can find someone who wanna room with a wolf in the main hotel Estrel .
I am looking for a room from 18 to 24 August 2020 .
If you has any other questions . Don`t hesitate contact me .
Either do it on here or my Twitter @HoneyWolf5 
Thank You !


 on: 20.03.2020, 18:35:13 
Started by Quincy the Raccoon - Last post by o'wolf
Please be patient. The current situation is highly dynamic. There is no simple "plan B", but a complex process of identifying potential issues, estimating their potential impact, analyzing dependencies, and setting milestones for the issues to be either resolved or requiring alternatives. Organizing a large convention is already a sophisticated task in regular times, doing so in a global crisis of unknown duration and impact even more so.

 on: 20.03.2020, 12:06:43 
Started by Quincy the Raccoon - Last post by Quincy the Raccoon
Kind of a lackluster response, tbh. Best to make contingency plans anyway
1. For the worst case scenario, you won't have to come up with a plan when it's too late.
2. Even if it isn't needed, it will help calm people who are panicking.
Fully agree, a big con such as EF MUST have some sort of Plan B imho.

 on: 20.03.2020, 12:00:22 
Started by Quincy the Raccoon - Last post by MrEvers
Kind of a lackluster response, tbh. Best to make contingency plans anyway
1. For the worst case scenario, you won't have to come up with a plan when it's too late.
2. Even if it isn't needed, it will help calm people who are panicking.

 on: 18.03.2020, 20:14:14 
Started by Anijatsu - Last post by Anijatsu
A very last-minute question from a small-big cat here!
While I have already a place to sleep at outside of Estrel, I was wondering if I would have a chance to go party-suiting late in the night, as the fursuit lounge closes rather early.
I'd really appreciate a room to move my bag to past midnight, and to return and change once I'm all exhausted.

If you'd be capable of fulfilling such a favour, poke me anywhere you may find me, with Telegram being my platform of choice - I'm @Anijatsu on there.

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