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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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 on: 05.07.2024, 11:36:22 
Started by Archangel - Last post by Archangel
Télégram for sale @Pandarroo

⁨1⁩ x ⁨Full conv.⁩ €160
September 18 – 21

⁨1⁩ x ⁨Early Bird⁩ -€15

⁨1⁩ x ⁨Stage pass⁩ €5

⁨1⁩ x ⁨T-shirt⁩ €20

Taxes included

 on: 03.07.2024, 00:04:45 
Started by stripefuzz - Last post by stripefuzz
1x ticket early bird + stage pass + Large tshirt 140 euros, originally 170
1x ticket early bird + stage pass 130 euros, originally 150

msg on telegram: stripefuzz, if interested

 on: 02.07.2024, 04:17:43 
Started by VulpesRex - Last post by VulpesRex

 on: 30.06.2024, 13:36:39 
Started by Golden_the_folf - Last post by Golden_the_folf
Unfortunately, for personal problems, my friend and I will not be able to attend this edition, so we are selling two super sponsor tickets to anyone interested, contact us on telegram @Golden_folf and @pacofolf

 on: 21.06.2024, 21:22:29 
Started by Single Purpose - Last post by Single Purpose
Hi, if anyone wants to get rid of their Summer Boat party ticket for this year hit me up :D I really really want to go but they're sold out.

Contact via discord: singlepurpose
Or telegram: @SinglePurpose

 on: 19.06.2024, 22:58:56 
Started by keavemind - Last post by keavemind
I have a ticket for the whole event(160€) + stage pass (5€)
Selling it for 160€ so u get the stage pass for free
Send me a pm on Telegram @keavemind
Payment via Paypal

 on: 17.06.2024, 17:42:35 
Started by Archangel - Last post by Archangel
hello I would like to resell my ticket EF. Telegram @vapocute (

⁨1⁩ x ⁨Full conv.⁩ €160
⁨1⁩ x ⁨Early Bird⁩ -€15
⁨1⁩ x ⁨Stage pass⁩ €5

Total €150

 on: 10.06.2024, 02:03:23 
Started by AzaleaXaetri - Last post by AzaleaXaetri
I am selling my early bird Sponsor Ticket for Eurofurence 2024, since an appointment for an important surgery I waited for fell in the timeframe of the convention.
I originally payed 250€ for it.

It includes all convention days, the T-Shirt and other benefits for a Sponsor.

It would be nice to get it sold at 250€ but I also might accept a lower price.
Please make me a reasonable offer!

After buying it from me I will contact the support to transfer the ticket to your account.

You can contact me on Telegram: @AzaleaDragon
Or via Email:

Thank you a lot!
I appreceate the help.

 on: 08.06.2024, 01:49:26 
Started by Kitim - Last post by Kitim
I sadly cannot attend this Year Eurofurence, that's why I am offering my Super Sponsor Ticket.
If you are Interested you can Contact me on Telegram @Kitim04

Full Convention: 360 € (-15€ Early Bird)
Stage Pass:  5 €
With Free T-shirt - Size XXL

I am offering the ticket for 250€ Just message me.
Discord: kitim

 on: 07.06.2024, 23:10:51 
Started by RolenFox - Last post by RolenFox
Due to some time and other personal issues me and my friend decided to sell our tickets.
So one thing less to get stressed since its a long journey, for me at least.

1x Super Sponsor
- Full conv. €360
- Early Bird -€15
- Stage Pass €5
(shirt included size L, not sure if you can still change that)

Total €350 (we can haggle of course ^^)

contact me @/rolen on TG

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