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Eurofurence 25 "Fractures in Time" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 14-18, 2019Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: 26.03.2019, 15:47:11 
Started by JumpyD - Last post by JumpyD
Found a roomie but he ditched me few days  ago =/ ...
So back to square one.
Anybody wants a dingo? xP

 on: 25.03.2019, 23:34:21 
Started by Zicky - Last post by Zicky
Nope. If i dont get inside Estrel. Then this puppy arent going.

 on: 25.03.2019, 14:33:47 
Started by RedFoxy - Last post by RedFoxy
Still looking for a room at estrel ^^

 on: 23.03.2019, 10:43:34 
Started by Azurescale - Last post by Azurescale
Thanks for the info... well, I think a dedicated room might be a bit too much for this. I've just thought about a casual meeting at a public space. But I'm open to anything  ;)

 on: 21.03.2019, 00:36:15 
Started by Flashfox - Last post by Flashfox
Hey! I'm 26 years old, male and for the first time at EF. I didn't get a room at the Estrel either so I'd like to find a roommate to share a Standard Double / Twin Room at the Vienna House Andel's and maybe hang out at the con.

I'll arrive early and leave late (Check-in Tuesday, August 13, 2019 from 3:00 PM; Check-out Wednesday, August 21, 2019 until 12:00 PM)

Only requirements for the room are that you're a chill roommate, don't smoke (not allowed in the rooms anyways) and please don't be loud from circa 1 am to 8 am. I will do the same. Take the room, you won't get one at the Estrel this year anyways  :P

You can message me here or on Telegram (@Flashfoxx). I speak English and German.

 on: 18.03.2019, 23:25:34 
Started by Kami the Cat - Last post by Kami the Cat
Bumping this!

 on: 14.03.2019, 10:05:41 
Started by Tomo Husky - Last post by Tomo Husky
Nobody can help me?

 on: 13.03.2019, 11:39:08 
Started by Shiro - Last post by Shiro
The first one is Changer the Elder:
Second one is Khaosdog:

Thank you good sir.

You are a lifesaver  ;D

 on: 13.03.2019, 00:15:46 
Started by Sainomance - Last post by Sainomance
Hia, Name's Sebastian. I'm 24 and most likely will be attending next year's Eurofurence since then I'le actually have money, unlike the current state.
I'm a hobby Musician (Long way to go on that one), Make Newbie SFM Art and Try my best at Voice Acting.
Besides going to The con, I'm also hoping to meet furs in my general area to meet, befriend perhaps even.
I'M usually quite bad at introductions, so i guess I'le just put the minor details and if questions arrise they can be asked and answered.
Area of Residence: Rheinland Pfalz

Fursona: Sainomance Blake
Race: Wolf
Fur: Gray
Hair: Black
Eyes: Left Eye Blue, Right Eye Green
Medium Sized Tail.

 on: 12.03.2019, 11:01:25 
Started by Shiro - Last post by Eisfuchs
The first one is Changer the Elder:
Second one is Khaosdog:

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