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Eurofurence 27 — "Black Magic"
Sep 3 - 7, 2023
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg

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 on: 15.03.2023, 20:00:20 
Started by Stracia/ CeeGeeFursuits - Last post by Pattarchus
I am very sorry, but we are most likely not going to have an Artist Alley this year.

 on: 08.03.2023, 08:56:30 
Started by Cubitus - Last post by Cubitus
Thank you for sharing these insights winterheart!

It helps me learning about how transfers/routes/walk paths to the Con space could work better!


 on: 07.03.2023, 20:43:45 
Started by Cubitus - Last post by winterheart
I have very little visibility while in fursuit therefore crossing public streets in suit is dangerous for me, dragging a suitcase with the suit to change in the fursuit lounge would demand too much from my blood sugar levels and because of other disabilities walking a lot has become more difficult.
Therefore the previous hotel, which I understand is no longer an option, was ideal, as well as all the hotels that were before that.
I went to american cons (anthrocon) and suffered such fate of having to walk about 300 - 400m from / to the hotel - con area, because the westin was booked full too. This resulted in the fact I could only suit once, and the con area was literally so big it felt more like a marathon than a vacation.

Same thing happened in MFF though there I had the safety of walking across the skybridge, so even with low visibility I would not be in danger, only the problem of heat and low blood sugar and skin chafing caused by walking more than my body would allow me to.

 on: 06.03.2023, 08:59:04 
Started by Cubitus - Last post by Cubitus
No close hotel means people with a disability are somewhat hindered compared to previous venues.
Would you tell more about this to help us learn, would it mean "the Con has to be in the hotel directly" because all other wouldn't work for you?

It's easy to say "all public transport is barrier free and transfer paths are really short", but I guess this, from a non disability perspective, is just "wishful thinking".

After all, one hotel is directly connected to the con space in Hamburg (Radisson), the thing is only that it's currently fully booked/reserved. I could imaging that many people hold reservations without even haven't regged for EF yet, but nobody knows (for 2023).

Would it be senseful effort for EF (and other Cons) to reserve a room contingent for disability folks, or would it be useless if there still is a 50 meter transfer from Hotel exit to CCH entry needed? I mean this could even be less than from the first Estrel tower to the first Con checkpoint in the past...

Hoping for input!

 on: 03.03.2023, 14:51:35 
Started by ANTIcarrot - Last post by Tiger in a Spotlight
It's been a considerable time of millenia decades since I lived (more or less) in Hamburg but maybe some things did not change...
Already mentioned was the Elbphilharmonie. An impressive look from the outside, even more the inside, but if you want to take the tour you have to book in advance. If you want to listen to the actual philharmonic orchestra I strongly advise to order your ticket now - for EF 29.
Hagenbeck is one of (if not the) most famous german zoo but at least in the past they didn't like the word zoo. They used to have the slogan "Hamburg doesn't need a zoo - we have Hagenbeck's". But I don't know if they still use it.
If you're interested in old buildings have a look at the historical city hall. Build in the 19th century, but looks much older.  And of course some of the churches, with St. Michaelis the most prominent.
If you are an early riser you might want to visit the Fischmarkt (fish market, sundays only). But early really means early in this case - like 5 AM.
And of course the Reeperbahn, the center of world famous red light district.

I really can't say much about hte restaurants in the area. My Hamburg period is simply too long ago and I it was not exactly in this area, but obviously "Die Bullerei" is not too far away from the CCH. It's the restaurant of Tim Mälzer, one of the most popular german chefs (with his own tv-shows and all). Don't expect anything too fancy there, he never got a michelin star or something like that.

 on: 03.03.2023, 14:46:12 
Started by Stracia/ CeeGeeFursuits - Last post by Stracia/ CeeGeeFursuits
I was wondering if this years location will have tables for artists again like last year? Near the dealers den.

 on: 02.03.2023, 00:08:06 
Started by Cubitus - Last post by winterheart
Well then I guess this is farewell.
No close hotel means people with a disability are somewhat hindered compared to previous venues.
I can't possibly come this way.
It's the same reason I don't go to large american con's because of the same hotel problem.

 on: 01.03.2023, 22:21:03 
Started by Cubitus - Last post by Cubitus
I don't understand how one can even book for a full month O.o
Well you can book a hotel for as long as you wish and pay for, and congress (and other) hotels sometimes reserve a room contingent for long-term bookings (like employees sent over for a project etc).

This is why the hotel tells you: sorry, we full for all the short-term rooms (the Radisson will be booked by attendees of other events too, not only those connected to CCH but also to Hamburg Messe. So the MARINE INTERIORS fair followed by the CRUISE DAYS are dragging many people internationally, of which quite many will already arrive during the last days of EF sadly).

Same applies to the Intercity Dammtor (which is just opposite side of the park) and the Wagner Hotel im Dammtorpalais. Just fully booked, probably because often used by businesses and not only by EF folks. 

 on: 01.03.2023, 22:19:13 
Started by Cubitus - Last post by o'wolf
I don't understand how one can even book for a full month O.o I looked the moment we knew the location so it was not that it was booked full, I don't get what is wrong with that hotel honestly.

Most hotels have a long term stay contingent. It's just a bit peculiar that the Radisson offers it via the regular booking page. In this case it means there are no regular rooms available for booking via their booking system.

 on: 01.03.2023, 21:52:46 
Started by ANTIcarrot - Last post by o'wolf
Yes, we definitely intend to have a long-term relationship with the venue. And we have plenty of space to expand to if necessary.

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