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Eurofurence 25 "Fractures in Time" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 14-18, 2019Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: Today at 03:37:21 
Started by Loxy - Last post by Loxy
Hello there,

My name is Loxy (NB/pan he/him or they/them) and I'm looking for a room at EF 2020.
This would be my 7th time attending Eurofurence.
The past 3 years I was staff for the charity department. You might have seen me working in the charity booth then!

I'm a calm & reserved person of 28 years old. (I'll be 29 at the con)
My homecountry is Belgium and I can speak Dutch & English fluently, along a little bit of French/Japanese 日本語)

Please contact me on Telegram @Loxy_Bunny

Thanks for reading this,


 on: Today at 00:49:55 
Started by Otakuwolf - Last post by VulpesRex
No, give them at least 48 hours to work through the queue.  Any additional “follwups will just add to their burden at this point.

 on: 18.01.2020, 23:24:36 
Started by Otakuwolf - Last post by Pakz
I'm also still waiting, is this normal?

 on: 18.01.2020, 22:02:39 
Started by Otakuwolf - Last post by zethariel
I'm still waiting for my answer and it's getting me really anxious o.o

EDIT: Should I follow up with the hotel?

 on: 18.01.2020, 21:52:26 
Started by Kris Husky - Last post by Kris Husky
Considering the weight of a wooden frame, this may be an issue for people traveling by plane.

That wouldn't be an issue. Wooden frames aren't that much heavier than then plastic ones.
Plus I would also use acrylic glas which is more durable while being light weighted.

As a plane traveler, the other option would not be a plastic frame - it's a cardboard tube and no frame at all. -- When I still flew, I once bought a framed picture on a US furry con. It was framed - in the end, I had to leave the glass altogether (glass in luggage == not good idea), and the frame got damaged because it had to go in the checked luggage. In retrospect, it was a stoopid idea and I shouldn't have bought the thing at all.

Note that I don't say you shouldn't - there may be sufficient demand for smaller frames (carry-on luggage) or from people coming by car, therefore not being under luggage restrictions. I just say that frames are fairly inconvenient on planes.

I had the same trouble with the glass. I bought a picture at the Art Auction with a plastic frame and a thin glass panel. All went well or so I thought. I still find glass pieces in the suitcase.
That's why it would have acrylic glass instead of real glass. :)

I will still look for even more durable alternatives to glass and acrylic as that is my biggest concern.

 on: 18.01.2020, 19:43:04 
Started by Ferrrrrrdy - Last post by Ferrrrrrdy

Unfortunately this year "With regrets we herewith need to inform you that we are unable to confirm your booking request for Eurofurence 2020."

Looking for a room in Estrel with slots for myself and another person (2).
Myself 21 (Fursuiter/English Portuguese Spanish) the other person 21 (English Dutch) both easy going
We both dont smoke but dont mind smokers, dont mind no or few or + drinks.

The dates are flexible!!! (for example 17/08 to 24/08 would be neat)

Really looking forward for EF26, please reach me on Telegram/Twitter/Instagram @FerdyWagon if any more information is needed

And reach me as well if you are interesting in sharing hotel room in another hotel near the Estrel!!!

Telegram/Twitter/Instagram @FerdyWagon

Have a great day and maybe, see you at EF26!

 on: 18.01.2020, 19:18:48 
Started by Otakuwolf - Last post by Otakuwolf
Dunno the exact time but I received the answer and got put on waiting list ^^;

 on: 18.01.2020, 19:16:24 
Started by Zack - Last post by Zack
Hello everyone!

I am looking for a room so that I can attend EF26. (It goes without saying that I will pay for it :D)
Eurofurence will be my first convention ever!
I am looking for a room from 19/08 (18/08 is fine as well) till 23/08 (24/08 is fine as well :D).

Here is some information about myself:
I am Dutch.
I speak Dutch and English.
I am 18 years old.
I don't smoke.
I am OK with alcohol, even though I am not a big fan of it.

Feel free to message me on Twitter, Telegram or Discord! (or just reply on this forum :D)
Telegram: @SnackaZack
Twitter: @FluffZack
Discord: Zack#1804

Have a great day and maybe, see you at EF26!

 on: 18.01.2020, 19:15:48 
Started by Wolfstone - Last post by Wolfstone
Just to be clear: I don't have a room - I am looking for someone who wants someone to share a room with.

 on: 18.01.2020, 18:39:56 
Started by Endyran - Last post by Endyran
Edit: Got contacted for a room, thank you!

So, I wanted to attend EF for the first time, and I wasn't able to get a room at the hotel.
I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to share a room with me. I'd be willing to pay my part of the room, of course, as well as giving a small gift as a thank you. This floofy dragon would thank you a 1000 times if you'd consider me as a roomie ^^

I'd be going to EF from the 18th to the 23th, but I can be flexible if you rather want me to come around the same time as you do.

I don't drink, I don't smoke, I also don't mind to share a room with a guy or a girl. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that I'm easily amused by jokes.

I'm 25 years old lady, going to be 26 next week, I don't snore as far as I know, I try to keep my part of the room as tidy as possible as well.
I can easily adapt to your planning as well. I don't plan on doing roomparties because I don't know many people, but if you want to host one, feel free!
I'm from Belgium, and I can speak Dutch and English.
I also am someone who draws, so I often take my drawings with me! I keep them close to me.
My fursuit itself, to inform you, is this one:

It's a rather big one (5 tails) and I will make sure that it won't be all across the room too. One of the plushies in the picture is coming along as well.

Like said, it's my first time attending EF, so I don't know much about the con itself, but I hope it'll be fun! It'd be my first time in Berlin as well, so don't mind me trying to find my way around!

You can find me on telegram @Endyran
Thanks in advance!

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