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Eurofurence 23 "Ancient Egypt" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 16-20, 2017Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: 28.04.2017, 09:02:09 
Started by Ryan - Last post by Ryan
So is this for only tigers?  ;)  Or can any feline brother show up? ;D

I'd prefer the main thing to stay tiger themed :)

 on: 27.04.2017, 10:44:43 
Started by Reyn Goldfur - Last post by Reyn Goldfur
My husband and I can't make it to EF anymore this year so we have two Sponsor tickets available. Room is already gone, so sorry about that. (Berlin's subway system is pretty bloody reliably tho from my experiences last year, so being in another hotel is far from the end of the world.)

The tickets originally cost us €155 each (so €310 for both.) I'll take best offer within reason - part of our cause for cancelling is a need to save money so anything too low won't be accepted, sorry.

 on: 26.04.2017, 16:53:07 
Started by Grion - Last post by Skie
Interested. Sent PM.

 on: 26.04.2017, 15:27:29 
Started by Grion - Last post by Grion
Hello everyone.

My plans are changed so I'm selling early bird registration plus stage ticket. Price is 90 €
Please PM me or write email to

 on: 26.04.2017, 14:03:23 
Started by Alpha_Ki - Last post by Alpha_Ki
The Artist Alley will be held the same way it was last year:
Opening from Friday 11 am to Saturday 6 pm during EF, first come first serve. No reservation in advance can be made.

 on: 26.04.2017, 13:58:11 
Started by Alpha_Ki - Last post by Alpha_Ki
Finally it is done! We finally extended the Dealers' Den to it's maximum. Since the Estrel opened the second event center they can also provide more table material we can squeeze in the room (we just had problems with getting enough material in the past). Due to safety issues we are now at our maximum capacity the room can and will ever take. We have ideas for next year but this still needs some more brainstorming and aquires an extra room.

But for now may I present "The seating plan for Eurofurence 23 - 2017 take one".

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

 on: 26.04.2017, 12:41:20 
Started by Cornwall - Last post by Cornwall
I got a room, and my original roommate had to cancel. So i wouldn´t mind sharing it with you. I´m at EF from the 15th to the 21st, and i got the standard 2-bed room.
If you´re interested, let me know how to contact you.

Thank you for the reply, but I've already found a room.

 on: 24.04.2017, 17:20:28 
Started by BlueBerry - Last post by BlueBerry
The Daily Eurofurence is a printed newspaper covering events and stories about Eurofurence and the fandom in general. Four issues of the Daily (with four pages each) are printed during the convention, from Thursday to Sunday.

We are a team of about a dozen writers, photographers, layouters and cartoonists. Our goal is to both inform and entertain our readers. Our mission is to go to the most exciting events, talk to the most interesting people and ask the most pressing questions. Also, our best photos since Eurofurence 15 are collected in a permanent archive as a part of Eurofurence's "visual memory".

Daily contributors get to meet inspiring people and they get a glimpse behind the scenes of Europe's biggest furry convention. If you are interested in helping, or if you have ideas for articles, please contact our director Luxen.

We are always looking for writers, editors and photographers. From our team members we expect daily contributions (at least one article or photo job a day) and attendance of our morning meetings. Please be aware that most of the work (writing, editing and processing images) takes place in the evenings. The workload varies between two and six hours a day, but we promise to do our best to make sure that you can still enjoy the convention and that you don't miss your favourite events. 

We offer a friendly work atmosphere and good learning opportunities for both writers and photographers.

Skills we are looking for:
- Good command of English
- Some prior experience with writing or editing
- Photographers should have a good command of their equipment and editing software
- Curiosity and an open mind

Sounds good? Contact us ( or @eartufts on Twitter/Telegram) or simply visit our Daily EF office during the convention.

 on: 23.04.2017, 19:07:33 
Started by Lutra - Last post by Lutra

 on: 23.04.2017, 14:15:37 
Started by Fleki - Last post by Fleki

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