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Eurofurence 25 "Fractures in Time" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 14-18, 2019Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: 26.02.2020, 20:49:28 
Started by RemiDeRenard - Last post by gummi_bjorn
i'm looking forward to meeting you, and hopefully gaining a new friend!

 on: 24.02.2020, 13:23:36 
Started by Alpha Storm - Last post by Alpha Storm
Hey ho, I am selling a normal EF 26 ticket (green) with stage entrance for the original price. If you are interested, text me on telegram: @MagnificentMoon and we will discuss further details.

 on: 24.02.2020, 08:59:31 
Started by RemiDeRenard - Last post by RemiDeRenard
Apologies for the late response, but thank you for the invitation! I will be sure to keep an eye out for you at the bar! :D

 on: 21.02.2020, 21:04:28 
Started by RemiDeRenard - Last post by gummi_bjorn
hello my friend, good choice coming to EF. it was my first furry anything years back.
come find me at the bar, i'm the fat danish bear under the black hat.
ask the bar staff for gummibjorn they know me.
i'm gentle and easy to get to know, and so are a lot of my friends that you will meet at the bar area.
i'm sure this will give you a nice easy way into knowing more people there, as i have many friends from all over!
i hope to see you there, and good luck. <3

 on: 20.02.2020, 11:53:25 
Started by RemiDeRenard - Last post by RemiDeRenard
Servus/Hello everyone,

Name's Remi and, like everyone posting in this part of the forums, I too am very interested in attending Eurofurence 2020! A quick note about myself, I'm a 29 y/o *lad* hailing from the states and would like to attend Eurofurence as I have intent to travel to Germany both for leisure and for work-related matters (while also visiting a few other countries in the process) and would like to say that this is my very first con (or for that matter anything that is remotely furry related in real life). I am also very new to the community, despite indulging in the anthromorphic arts for a *very* long time, and admit that I'm very new to the fandom in general. I'm something of an artist but am hesitant to really consider myself one since I'm still a beginner.

As I have mentioned, I would really love to come to Eurofurence, but the one problem I have is that I'm extremely shy and have some social anxiety, especially since I have never been to an event solo on this scale, let alone on the other side of the world. I think this is a relatively common thing for newcomers to have to deal with but I would really love to get some advice on how to meet new people and mingle with other furs at Eurofurence, as my fear is that I will be alone throughout the entire con without having meet someone (I'm also kind of interested in meeting someone special perhaps, but this is just wishful thinking, haha ;)). I know, this isn't something that can be answered so easily on these boards, but I would like to ask to get some advice and suggestions, as it is my first time attending this or any convention for that matter... after all, everyone was a newbie at some point!

*Note: I couldn't help writing up a bit in Deutsch; after all, the con is in Berlin, haha (I'm learning thanks to a discord buddy and some classes ;))

 on: 20.02.2020, 06:40:16 
Started by CubOCoffee - Last post by VulpesRex
   Would this activity be aimed mainly at Fursuiters?  Or could anyone with a badge participate?  Would it be confined to the grounds of the Hotel Estrel (and perhaps the biergarten/"beach")?

   How about something which would engage people over parts of Berlin commonly accessible via public transport, but not too obscure?

   I think it would be great if we could develop something which lets Furries engage more with our host city, outside the confines of the Estrel complex (just a thought, please don't hate me).

 on: 20.02.2020, 04:56:51 
Started by meo - Last post by VulpesRex
  I would second the DDR 2 program.

  For many of us, all we have to go on about Life in the former DDR are some history texts, some still photos and news footage, and what can be gleaned from local museums.  This tends to overlook common cultural things and routines which everyone takes for granted and are not consciously thought about, but which were (or are) quite different and which were daily influences in how people lived and thought.

 on: 17.02.2020, 22:39:48 
Started by JasterBlade - Last post by Loewi
We  are very sorry, but buying a room off from someone is not possible.
Rooms can only be cancelled and they directly go to the waiting List.

We have some overflow alternatives here at the forum, please have a look at them.
Also, we will have the shuttles again and the fursuit overnight storage.

 on: 16.02.2020, 23:38:02 
Started by Candahan - Last post by Candahan
Hey there!

my name is Candahan, I'm a 34 year old German living in the US. I'm a photographer and fursuiter, so a room at the Estrel would be a great relief to me, be it for a shower after suiting or a break after carrying all that camera stuff around. Generally speaking, I would say I'm easygoing company or just a quiet roommate. Everything I need is a bed, some space for my fursuit stuff and at least one (rather one more) daily shower is a matter of course.

My preferred length of stay would be Tuesday 18th to Monday 24th, but I'll settle for less if necessary.

I'm pretty bad in composing such a kind of requests so, I hope I've piqued someone's interest anyway. :)

Looking forward to hear from you!

So long

 on: 16.02.2020, 15:30:44 
Started by JasterBlade - Last post by JasterBlade
 Hello furry friend’s ((Sorry for my English)

I did not have the chance to have a room for two people for the eurofurence, I have the money necessary to make an exchange, my birthday is august 21 and it would be great to have a room,

thanks for reading my message
My telegram @JasterBlade.      :-*

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