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Eurofurence 25 "Fractures in Time" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 14-18, 2019Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: 11.06.2019, 14:29:14 
Started by Tretron - Last post by Tretron
Full car? don't want to carry all that luggage with you? fear not.
I have an large van that still has space left. I can take your fursuits, suitcases and other with me.

Leaving:  I will be leaving early in the morning to germany on 12-8 from Zaandijk, The netherlands Via Almere.
returning: 19-8, presice time to be discussed the day before.

what I am offering: a space to store your luggage going towards germany, not size dependand.
Costs: fuel costs only, that will be between 12,5 and 25 euros if i also bring your luggage back. it depends on the size and wieght of your luggage.
What do you need to do? come and bring it the day before to me, or be home to pick up if you are among the route. (to be discussed), Make sure your luggage is in something that will not break easily. I will be carefull ofcourse but shifting luggage can always happen.

Note: I have no space to bring poeple along, I only have front seats and they are all taken.

questions or want to parcicipate, shoot me a message on telegram: @Tretron.

 on: 10.06.2019, 21:19:08 
Started by RedFoxy - Last post by RedFoxy
hello! Anyone? :3

 on: 06.06.2019, 22:09:50 
Started by Bomberpanda - Last post by Bomberpanda
If anyone knows someone maybe thinking of canceling or who is looking for room mates let me know.

Telegram: bomberpanda

 on: 06.06.2019, 10:23:26 
Started by Mirri - Last post by Mirri
Me and my mom sadly can't go to EF this year, so we're selling our tickets.

They're both normal tickets + stage tickets and the price ist 95€ for each of them.

Sold the first ticket but one is still available for 95€!

Send me a dm or contact me via Telegram @Dragonmirri

 on: 03.06.2019, 23:56:29 
Started by Keenora - Last post by Keenora
Hey there ^-^
I am looking for a room, for my boyfriend Codydawg and me, for the whole stay at the Estrel hotel :3 (Tuesday-Monday)
We are very easy to handle, we don't drink, we don't smoke, we don't snarl, but we do have fursuits :3
Maybe someone is still having some free space x3 Otherwise it will be a purple-less rainbow party this year .__.


 on: 03.06.2019, 19:26:08 
Started by meds - Last post by gummi_bjorn
transfer of rooms is no longer allowed. people have to cancel and let the room go to those on the waiting list.
so unless you can get a spot in a room with someone, the only hope of an estrel room is contacting the hotel and seeing if waiting list has shortened enough to be reopened.

 on: 03.06.2019, 15:30:37 
Started by Luko - Last post by Luko
Bark! I still didn't get a room so i decided to sell my standard ticket for EF.

Price - 90eur

If anyone want it then poke me on telegram @LUKO712

 on: 03.06.2019, 14:13:39 
Started by meds - Last post by meds
Hello, I'm trying to get a room in the Estrel for the upcoming EF25. I wasn't able to get a room when the block opened, nor was I able to get on the waiting list (if such a thing exists). I and my two other roommates were able to get a room in the nearby Motel Plus fortunately. I love fursuiting, and having a room in the main hotel really does make it easier. If anyone is looking to cancel their room reservation in the Estrel, I would very much appreciate possibly transferring the room to me and my two other roommates (also fursuiters).

 on: 03.06.2019, 00:18:41 
Started by RedFoxy - Last post by RedFoxy
Still looking for a bed at Estrel

 on: 02.06.2019, 21:20:25 
Started by Teckly - Last post by Teckly
Didn't have the chance to get a room this year.

I'm so, selling the convention with the stage ticket for 90€.

If you're interrested contact me on telegram/fa --> Teckly


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