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Eurofurence 27 — "Black Magic"
Dates & Venue: TBA

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 on: 31.08.2022, 18:43:57 
Started by VulpesRex - Last post by meo
Hi Vulpes.

Here is a little Context for everyone interested:

Max was designed in 1993 for the redevelopment work of the Berlin city railroad. The first release of the figure was on May 27, 1994 in Berlin. Since 2003, he was used throughout the network of DB Netz AG on information and appeasement media. On the occasion of the construction work on the Berlin-Hamburg railroad, a special Max Mole leaflet with information, puzzles and a children's page was published for the first time in 2009.

The model for the Max Mole character was the mole from the 1989 book "Vom kleinen Maulwurf, der wissen wollte, wer ihm auf den Kopf gemacht hat" by Werner Holzwarth (idea, text) and Wolf Erlbruch (illustrations).

Max was drawn by Wolf Erlbruch from 1993 to 2002 and by the Stuttgart-based illustrator Fritz Reuter since 2002.

In 2009, 18.7 million posters, brochures, and flyers with Max Mole motifs were printed.

At information events concerning the construction of rail infrastructure, the mascot is often even "live" on-site. It is a human in a plush costume with plastic claws and yellow rubber boots. This costume (with a yellow construction helmet) is to be exhibited at the Nuremberg Transport Museum according to a report by RBB (Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg).

Translated with (free version)

 on: 30.08.2022, 17:50:21 
Started by SeanC - Last post by SeanC
I’ve now got my EF 26 pics online here:
I’ve got over 1000 photos from the con, so if you see yourself in any of them then feel free to repost.

 on: 23.08.2022, 14:28:11 
Started by Suran - Last post by Ragear
will help.


 on: 23.08.2022, 09:59:04 
Started by nicosaurus - Last post by nicosaurus
Hi, unfortunately I cannot go this year so I'm selling my ticket. We can meet in Berlin or exchange the ticket online. Please send me a direct e-mail to

 on: 22.08.2022, 12:38:23 
Started by Dragarta - Last post by Dragarta
we have two standard ticket, which I can transfer for 80 EUR. We were planning to attend but I ended up in hospital yesterday cause our little son decided to join this world much sooner than planned X)

Poke @Dragarta on Telegram or send email to

 on: 22.08.2022, 10:58:04 
Started by Rhon - Last post by Rhon
You can contact me either here, in Telegram (@Rhonny) or bark (Rhondil). Cheers!

 on: 18.08.2022, 23:23:24 
Started by ScoutVanHowlen - Last post by Kieran aka DatDraggy
It'd be great to see it happen again, I'm going to be using the tag from last EF, which is just !Eurofurence. The old website also still shows users of that tag (once there are any). Hopefully they'll put it on this years site and announce it

 on: 18.08.2022, 21:33:18 
Started by JR-Wolf - Last post by JR-Wolf

On a short notice: If you need a car-ride to Berlin on 24.08. and back on 28.08., just give me a call! :D

Actually I need to drive by myself and that's a little boring....
Route will be Regensburg, Hof, Dresden to Berlin (Leipzig instead of Dresden is possible, too)

It's a station-wagon, enough space for one and I think two will work, too. ;)

See you!

 on: 18.08.2022, 19:08:20 
Started by Firebolt - Last post by Firebolt
Hello :) I have a Sponsor Ticket for the EF for sale.

You can contact me on Telegram @Firebolt_mlp

 on: 17.08.2022, 01:49:32 
Started by KarmaFur - Last post by RedDragon
Hey, bist du noch auf der Suche?
Ich habe keinen User auf Telegram mit dem Namen @KarmaFur finden können.
Ich plane derzeit noch, ist also nicht sicher.

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