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Eurofurence 25 "Fractures in Time" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 14-18, 2019Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: 20.05.2019, 19:11:53 
Started by Keros - Last post by Zefiro
I managed to miss both panels, but I heard good things about it. So I'd be interested in a recording, should one exist :)


 on: 19.05.2019, 14:44:29 
Started by Keros - Last post by Keros
Info: Should someone already work on the topic, I dont want to steal the spotlight

Hello everyone,

some of you may have visited the Big-Data-Panel by Skyhawk at EF24 and EF23.

Unfortunately, he said he wont hold an update this year.
Fortunately, that does'nt mean there can't be a Panel about this topic.

I would like to use this opportunity and make a poll to know the general interest in this topic. After all, this would be the third time this panel would be presented.

 on: 18.05.2019, 22:35:21 
Started by Spinal22 - Last post by Spinal22
Ticket sold.
Have a nice Eurofurence people :)

 on: 13.05.2019, 12:37:56 
Started by Oatcake - Last post by Oatcake
Hi I’m Oatcake a Scottish fur looking for space at the Estrel hotel.
I am: 32 year old trans female, light drinker, non smoker, do not do drugs, do not want any sexual encounters.
Totally accepting of others (within reason) and kink friendly, don't mind what happens in the room so long as I’m made aware and don't disturb you by accident including parties.

That sounds ok to you then feel free to reply and I can share contact info so we can chat and get to know each other.

 on: 13.05.2019, 08:11:27 
Started by RedFoxy - Last post by RedFoxy

 on: 12.05.2019, 20:47:34 
Started by Suran - Last post by Ragear

 on: 11.05.2019, 21:57:15 
Started by JumpyD - Last post by Nienna87
know the feeling i have a backup hotall my self. 5-6 min mabe walk from Estrell i may be alone in my room at the other hotell.
 so i was thinking of  looking too see if mabe someone had space in main,
but looks like i have to change my text abit again.
sins i cant change my current room so i have a dubble room in this at this other hotell.

 on: 11.05.2019, 20:33:14 
Started by Nienna87 - Last post by Nienna87
i was looking for a room in main ( i have a tiket already and paied for it)
but i im still in waiting list for a room.
Arrival:                         13.08.2019
Departure:                    19.08.2019

this was the room i first tryed to get (1 Standard Double Room ,Rate: EUR 120.00 per Room/Night).

 My boyfriend has booked a room for me and him in Motel plus. 
in case we dont get a main hotall room in time. HE might not be able to come tho due to his work..

So i thought mabe look for a sopt in anny room in main to come in to.
For now tho now im not sure i can change my curent stay but i might have a room all by my self at the Motel plus.
im from sweden, can speak engish. but not german .

i might have 1 spot in my room. ill update how it goes.

i dont smoke, i dont get drunk (not a fan of alcohol)

 on: 09.05.2019, 20:27:04 
Started by ShadyCarGuy - Last post by ShadyCarGuy

I'm a 24 year old guy from Romania and this will be my first convention.
Staying at Centro Park Hotel from the 14th to the 18th, then going to Oosterbeek, Netherlands for one day and then finally back home.
I can offer a ride from Centro Park to the Estrel each morning (around the time the convention starts).
Currently I have 3 seats available, possibly 4, but it's a rather small car(Mazda 3).
If anyone is interested, go ahead and let me know.

 on: 09.05.2019, 18:44:40 
Started by camarofurry - Last post by camarofurry
Added you on telegram!  Can't wait to hang out.

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